Room 507

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Room 507
Luigi fighting Chambrea in Room 507 of the RIP Suites
Floor RIP Suites

Room 507 is a hotel room in Luigi's Mansion 3. It is found on the fifth floor of The Last Resort, the RIP Suites. It is adjacent to Room 506 and the 507 Bathroom. This is one of the rooms Chambrea may flee to.

The room looks to be under construction; there are a bunch of tarps covering various parts of the room, including the desk and the floor. The bed is pulled out, the window is cracked, and there is a work table and bucket in the middle of the room; a bunch of work materials are also on the ground.

On the southwestern wall is a tarp; if Luigi sucks it up, three bats and one golden bat will pop out. A mouse can found inside the bucket is a mouse, and coins are hidden in the drawers besides next to the bed. Luigi can pull the bed down using the Suction Shot to reveal several coins and some Gold Bars. The tarp in the back of the room seems to be covering nothing; however, if Luigi uses the Dark-Light Device, a wardrobe will appear, with a Pearl and 3 hearts hidden inside.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
German Zimmer 507
Room 507
Italian Stanza 507
Room 507
Spanish (NOE) Habitación 507
Room 507