Front Gate

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Front Gate
Screenshot of Luigi's Mansion 3 from E3 2019
Floor Castle MacFrights

The Front Gate is the first room of Castle MacFrights in Luigi's Mansion 3. There are two parts to it: the elevator hall and the gate that leads into the main part of the castle. The elevator hall has a fireplace on the left with two candles and a knight's helmet sitting on top of it and two swords, a shield, and a spear on the wall above it. There is a tapestry and a suit of armor carrying an axe on each side of the elevator door. During the Castle MacFrights intro cutscene, one of the axes almost falls on Luigi. On the right side is a chair and a flag next to the archway that leads to the main gate. Breaking the suit of armor on the right with the knight's helmet reveals a Golden Goob.

On both sides of the gate, there is a torch, a fence, and a purple flag with a sword icon on it. By going through the fence on the right, Gooigi can get behind the popcorn stand and reach a treasure chest with money inside. In order to open the gate, Gooigi must pull the rope next to the gate and hold it until Luigi gets in. Behind the gate is a wooden bridge and the door that leads to the Hall of Armor.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
German Eingangstor
Front Gate
Italian Cancello principale
Main gate
Spanish Portón