Steward (Luigi's Mansion 3)

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LM3 Steward artwork.png
Floor Basement
HP 250
“Welcome guests, to The Last Resort! Are you ready to check in?”
Steward, Luigi's Mansion 3

The Steward is the first boss encountered in Luigi's Mansion 3. At the beginning of the game, he is first seen at the Grand Lobby in a disguise and is subsequently fought in the Garage in the Basement in his true form after Luigi frees Professor E. Gadd. Defeating the Steward rewards Luigi with the elevator buttons that grant access to the Grand Lobby and RIP Suites, making him the only boss ghost in the game to possess two elevator buttons rather than just one, and allows E. Gadd to set up his lab.


The Steward is a tall and skinny blue ghost slightly resembling a Goob with a standard maroon-colored bellhop style uniform and hat.


When initially seen at the Grand Lobby's reception desk, the Steward is disguised in a blue humanoid mask and an oversized coat. If spoken to, he will ask Luigi if he and his company are ready to check in. Obliging to the request prompts Hellen Gravely to lead the group to the RIP Suites.

The Steward is encountered again in the Garage, trying to wheel a cart containing his disguise. When he spots Luigi, he becomes visibly shocked and pushes the cart away. He then begins picking up suitcases to throw at Luigi.


Luigi battling the Steward in the Basement of The Last Resort in Luigi's Mansion 3.
Luigi battling the Steward.

The battle with the Steward is similar to the one with the Poltergeists in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. The Steward's only attack involves lugging suitcases to throw at Luigi. He becomes vulnerable after throwing a suitcase and can be attacked after stunning him with the Strobulb. His attack can be interrupted by using Burst, neutralizing it if the suitcase hits a ceiling light.

Once the Steward loses all of his HP, he begins struggling to break free from the Poltergust G-00, only for him to be sucked in and his hat to comically fly off, of which he then pulls in.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ガトレー

Chinese (simplified) 加特莱
Transliterated from the Japanese name

Chinese (traditional) 加特萊
Transliterated from the Japanese name

Dutch Gaston Wellekom
Compound of "gaston" (waiter) and "welkom" (welcome); his first and last name combined sound like "gasten welkom" (guests are welcome)
French Peter le porteur
Peter the porter
German Will Komann
Pun on "willkommen" (welcome), the given name "Will", and common surname suffix "-mann"
Italian Benvenuto
"Welcome", referencing his duty as the reception steward; it's also an uncommon name
Korean 벨보이

Spanish (NOA) Timbret
From "timbre" (doorbell)
Spanish (NOE) Sirvano
Pun on "sirviente" (servant) and Italian male given name "Silvano"