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Boilerworks in Luigi's Mansion 3
Floor B2
Boss Clem
Boo ComBooster

The Boilerworks is the second basement floor as well as the bottom-most one of The Last Resort in Luigi's Mansion 3. It is accessible after capturing Ug in 9F - Unnatural History Museum and obtaining this floor's elevator button from the Toad he was guarding. Shortly after arriving here, Luigi finds the mechanic ghost Clem sleeping. Luigi accidentally steps on a rubber duck, waking him up. Clem turns the valve on a pipe, causing it to squirt water in Luigi's face, at which Clem laughs before leaving. Next to the wheel is a fake wall that can be removed to reveal a pipe Gooigi can go through, which leads to a key needed to unlock the door to the next room. In the Waterworks, Luigi finds a Goob with a bucket on his head getting hit by Goob with a monkey wrench. More Goobs, as well as Mini Goobs, appear after this, and Luigi cannot progress until they are defeated. After defeating them, Luigi needs to turn three valves to alter the flow of water so Gooigi can unlock the door that leads into the Reservoir.

When Luigi reaches the top of the Reservoir, Clem pulls a lever that floods the Boilerworks, then scares him into the water. Polterpup appears just in time and saves him from drowning. Professor E. Gadd then calls Luigi, telling him that the Poltergust G-00 is waterproof and that he will have to get to the Drainage Control room by traveling through the sewers so he can drain the water. Luigi must ride inflatable duck rafts through the flooded sewers while avoiding mines, with Gooigi crawling through pipes and opening gates for him. Luigi must also open pipes for Gooigi. After Gooigi opens the final gate, Goobs with shark fins will attempt to pop Luigi's inflatable duck raft. At the Drainage Control area, Luigi gets attacked by a Slinker and some Mini Hammers. Once they're defeated, Luigi needs to turn some valves on some pipes so Gooigi can go through them and pull the drainage lever.

With the water drained, Luigi can now go back through the sewers and return to the Reservoir. On his way back, he finds the shark-finned Goobs flopping around like literal fish out of water. Their goggles protect them from the Strobulb, so Luigi must use the Burst function next to them to make them vulnerable to the Strobulb. After returning to the Reservoir, Luigi can climb up to the bottom of the Main Tank room, where he once again finds Clem sleeping. Just like last time, Luigi wakes him up by stepping on a rubber duck. Clem fills the tank with water, commencing a battle on inflatable duck rafts. When defeated, he drops the elevator button that leads to 10F - Tomb Suites in the tank. Luigi needs to drain the water once more to get the elevator button and some Hearts that he may have lost in the boss battle.

Later, after Luigi finds himself unable to progress in 12F - The Spectral Catch, E. Gadd informs Luigi in the Lab that one of the Toads has gone missing while attempting to retrieve the Super Suction at the Boilerworks, forcing Luigi to return here and escort Toad to the elevator so they can return to the lab in B1 - Basement with the missing part.


Level 2[edit]

Level 1[edit]

Level 3[edit]

Gem locations[edit]

Gem Room Location
Gem Old Reservoir Luigi can make a Gem Goob appear by tossing a bucket of paint at the wall where a white bucket and several other paint cans are stored. This is only accessible during and after the second trip to the Boilerworks with Toad.
Gem Storage Room Gooigi has to go through a pipe on the left after moving a yellow cleaning cart out of the way (the pipe on the right leads to nothing). After that, he needs to go through the left pipe, then grab the gem at the bottom of the room after Luigi turns the valve to divert the water in Gooigi's path.
Gem Observation At the back of the room, Luigi needs to use the Dark-Light Device to restore a boiler on the bottom right, then flash the Strobulb at the green light on the coffee machine at the top right of the desk. The machine malfunctions, revealing a secret compartment that contains the gem.
Gem Sewer B At the south end, there is a platform that rises when a chain is pulled. Luigi or Gooigi can pull on a chain, while the other rides the platform to where they can vacuum the gem up to obtain it. The water must be drained before doing this.
Gem Sewer C There is a pipe next to a malfunctioning light that Gooigi can go through after using the Suction Shot on it. It leads to a submarine where Gooigi can make the gem appear by lighting a pot on the stove with a piece of burning wood. The water must be drained before doing this.
Gem Elevator Hall There is a fake wall in between two pipes near a wheel. Removing it with the Poltergust G-00 reveals a pipe Gooigi can enter. After going through it, Gooigi will discover a hidden path to the left that leads to the gem.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese メンテナンスフロア
Mentenansu Furoa
Maintenance floor
French Chaufferie Boiler room
German Wasseranlage Water System
Italian Locali caldaia Boiler rooms
Spanish Calderas Boilers