Unnatural History Museum

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Unnatural History Museum
Luigi in the Unnatural History Museum
Floor 9
Boss Ug
Boo Boones

The Unnatural History Museum is the ninth floor of The Last Resort in Luigi's Mansion 3. It is accessible after retrieving this floor's elevator button first from Paranormal Productions director Morty, then from Polterkitty. It is a museum filled with paleontology exhibits, including eggs, fossils, and skeletons of dinosaurs and pterosaurs. Its name is a pun on "natural history museum."

This floor only has two rooms: a rectangle-shaped hall that surrounds the elevator, and the main exhibit area, which features various dinosaur skeletons, such as a Tyrannosaurus rex, a Stegosaurus and Velociraptors. As Luigi approaches the Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton, its pose changes every time lightning strikes. There is a Toad painting next to the Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton, but when Luigi tries to free the Toad, the skeleton eats the painting and attacks Luigi. At first, the skeleton is attached to a pole. But after Luigi hits its chest with two eggs, it breaks free. Luigi then has to shatter the skeleton by shooting four bones at its chest. After doing so, it is revealed that a caveman ghost named Ug was possessing the skeleton. Ug grabs one of the bones and uses it as a club, attempting to hit Luigi with it. After capturing Ug, Luigi frees the blue Toad, who has the elevator button that grants access to the Boilerworks.


Name Image Gem availability Boo availability
Elevator Hall The Unnatural History Museum Elevator Hall. Yes No
Exhibit Hall An excellent image of the Exhibit Hall, Unnatural History Museum, Luigi's Mansion 3. No Yes

Gem locations[edit]

All six gems are found in the Elevator Hall.

Gem Location
Gem At the bottom-right corner, Luigi can break the glass container by hitting it with the blue Toad or a bone. This causes a Gem Goob to appear.
Gem Using the Poltergust G-00 to rotate the chair by the front desk will turn the desk over and reveal a treasure chest, which contains the gem.
Gem At the west end, hitting the one of the flowers concealing a green light with the Strobulb reveals a safe behind a fossil, which contains the gem.
Gem Obtained by breaking the pterosaur skeleton near the elevator by shooting the blue Toad or a bone at it.
Gem At the bottom-left corner, Luigi needs to break the glass container by hitting it with the blue Toad or a bone, then use the Dark-Light Device to make the gem appear.
Gem To the right of the curtain that leads into the Exhibit Hall, Luigi can break the glass container by hitting it with the blue Toad or a bone, releasing the gem inside.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ミュージアムフロア
Myūjiamu Furoa
Museum Floor
Dutch Museum Museum
French (NOA) Musée d'histoire contre nature Unnatural history museum
French (NOE) Musée d'histoire surnaturelle Supernatural history museum
German Museum Museum
Italian Museo di storia innaturale Unnatural history museum
Spanish (NOA) Museo de Historia Sobrenatural Supernatural History Museum
Spanish (NOE) Museo de Historia sobrenatural Supernatural History Museum