Twisted Suites

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Twisted Suites
Luigi in the Bladed Bedroom
Floor 11
Boss Nikki, Lindsey, & Ginny
Boo Boofuddler
Luigi, Luigi's Mansion 3

The Twisted Suites is the eleventh floor of The Last Resort in Luigi's Mansion 3. It can be accessed after recovering this floor's elevator button by defeating Serpci in the Tomb Suites. This floor is themed around stage magic. Immediately upon setting foot on this floor, Luigi encounters a trio of magician ghosts named Nikki, Lindsey, & Ginny. One of them turns around and scares Luigi, then all three of them go through the wall on the right. There is no way for Luigi to follow them, so he must instead remove a cloth designed to look like a bookcase on the left wall and use the Dark-Light Device to reveal a door to the Bladed Bedroom.

In the Inverted Bedroom, Luigi encounters the three magicians again. One of them uses her magic to make Luigi walk on the ceiling, then drops him back to the floor after they leave. The door they go through is locked, so Luigi needs to use the Strobulb on a clock on the left to move the bed, then use the Dark-Light Device to restore a door before the bed moves back. The key Luigi needs is inside a treasure chest in the Illusion Bathroom, but the chest is possessed. Luigi has to fire a fish at the chest and suck up the purple Spirit Balls to return it to normal and get the key. When Luigi enters the Lounge, he sees the three magicians go through the door to the False Bedroom, which is also locked. Luigi has to pull down a vending machine to reveal the door to the Water Tank Bathroom, where he has to use the Dark-Light Device on the left wall to reveal the door to the Trainer's Bedroom. Luigi finds the key in a cage, but when he tries to get it, purple Spirit Balls appear and turn it into a golden rabbit. Luigi or Gooigi must grab the rabbit with the Poltergust G-00 while the other uses the Dark-Light Device to turn it back into a key.

When Luigi reaches the Wardrobe, the magicians scramble the doorways, causing them to lead to completely different rooms. Luigi has to find his way to the Stage with the rooms scrambled, and every time he enters a room, he will be attacked by ghosts and cannot leave until he catches them all. Once he catches all of the ghosts in a specific room, entering it again will not spawn any more ghosts. Once Luigi gets to the Stage, he has to fight the three magicians. They attack by launching cards a Luigi and spinning while underneath their hats. When they approach Luigi, he needs to burst to make them vulnerable and capture them one-by-one. When one of them is captured, she will be replaced by a bomb, meaning that Luigi has to keep track of which hats have magicians under them and which ones have bombs. After capturing all three of them, the doors return to normal and Luigi obtains the elevator button that leads to the twelfth floor, The Spectral Catch.

Later, Luigi returns here while chasing Polterkitty, who stole the elevator button found in the Fitness Center. In this floor, Polterkitty is captured and the elevator button for the fourteenth floor, The Dance Hall, is retrieved.


Gem locations[edit]

Gem Room Location
Gem Suit Bathroom Vacuuming all eight of the playing cards lights up all sides of the chandelier, after which it opens up and drops the gem.
Gem Bladed Bedroom Spinning the wheel on the wall with the vacuum causes three swords to appear and hit the wheel. Continuing to spin it makes even more swords appear and form a square on the wheel, revealing the gem.
Gem Trainer's Bedroom Inside the piggy bank at the upper-left corner of the room.
Gem Lounge To the right of the stage, Luigi must use the Suction Shot to rip off the front of a power box to reveal a Strobulb reactor that, when flashed, will open all the display cases in the room. While either Luigi or Gooigi flashes the device, the other must wait on the other side of the room to vacuum up the gem before the cases close again.
Gem Hall When a hat is dropped on Luigi, instead of simply taking it off immediately with a burst, he must head over to the statue of the three magicians, one of which is missing a hat, and take it off there, with the hat landing on the statue, making a staircase appear out of light. At the top of the staircase is a chest containing the gem.
Gem Mirror Bathroom There is a painting on the back wall reflected in the mirror. Using the Dark-Light Device on the painting releases the gem.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マジックフロア
Majikku Furoa
Magic floor
French Suites Tordues Twisted Suites
French (NOE) Suite illusoire Illusory suite
German Welt der Wunder World of Miracles
Italian Camere illusorie Illusory rooms
Spanish Suites mágicas Magic Suites


  • The Twisted Suites is the only floor with more than one boss ghost.
  • In the Gallery and the Hall, the carpet is a reference to the one in the 1980 film The Shining, and the floor underneath it is a reference to the one in the 1990 TV series Twin Peaks.