The Dance Hall

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The Dance Hall
The Dance Hall, Elevator Hall.
Floor 14
Boss DJ Phantasmagloria
Boo Boosician
“Oh, yeah. Groovy!”
Luigi, Luigi's Mansion 3

The Dance Hall is the fourteenth floor of The Last Resort in Luigi's Mansion 3. It is accessible after obtaining its elevator button first from Johnny Deepend at the Fitness Center, then from Polterkitty. It only has two rooms: the hallway leading up to the dance floor and the dance floor itself. When Luigi reaches the dance floor, he finds the Master Suite's elevator button lying in the middle of the room. When he tries to pick it up, the speakers emit a sound blast that causes him to drop it. A hoodie-wearing Goob picks up the button and it and several other Goobs like it start dancing to music played by DJ Phantasmagloria. Luigi has to burst near the Goob holding the button twice in a row, then capture it. After this, the DJ catches the button and confronts Luigi personally. She attacks by throwing spinning vinyl records. Bursting next to her lifts the afro she is wearing, allowing her to be stunned with the Strobulb. After capturing her, Luigi obtains the elevator button. However, on his way back to the elevator, he is ambushed by the remaining Goobs. Once they are all defeated, Luigi can return to the elevator.


Level 2[edit]

Name Image Gem availability Boo availability
Elevator Hall The Dance Hall, Elevator Hall. Yes Yes
Dance Floor Dance Floor, The Dance Hall, Luigi's Mansion 3. Yes Yes

Level 1[edit]

Name Image Gem availability Boo availability
Elevator Hall The Dance Hall, Elevator Hall. Yes Yes

Gem locations[edit]

Gem Room Location
Gem Dance Floor After capturing DJ Phantasmagloria, having Luigi and Gooigi stand on the unlit squares on the dance floor reveals a socket for Super Suction. After using Super Suction to reveal a hidden room in the back, Luigi can flash a record with a green light on it with the Strobulb to make stairs appear on each side of the room. On the left side, using the Dark-Light Device to reveal a missing table causes a Jewel Rausuto to appear.
Gem Dance Floor After raising the stairs, Luigi and Gooigi must use their vacuums to spin the records on each side simultaneously. This causes the disco ball to fall and break, revealing the gem.
Gem Dance Floor In the hidden back room, one of the mannequins on the right is missing an afro. Restoring it with the Dark-Light Device and vacuuming it reveals the gem.
Gem Elevator Hall Obtained in the coat shop by vacuuming all of the coats on the left.
Gem Elevator Hall If Luigi or Gooigi vacuums one of the records on the far left wall, a Brick Block will come out. While one of them vacuums the record, the other must burst 5 times under the block until the gem comes out.
Gem Elevator Hall Luigi must walk along the unlit squares of the dance floor in front of the elevator. This turns the lights on the floor green. Luigi and Gooigi must then simultaneously stand on the unlit squares until a staircase appears. It leads to a cage with money and the gem inside.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ディスコフロア
Disuko Furoa
Disco Floor

Dutch Disco
French Salle de bal
French (NOE) Discothèque
German Disko
Italian Discoteca
Spanish Discoteca