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Clem concept art
Floor Boilerworks
HP 350

Clem is the tenth boss encountered in Luigi's Mansion 3. He is a redneck mechanic ghost living in the Boilerworks who holds the Tomb Suites' elevator button.


Clem is a purple ghost with blonde hair with a bald spot, yellow pupilless eyes, a single tooth, a small scratchy patch of facial hair on his chin and a gravelly redneck-style voice. He wears a white and blue cap that bears The Last Resort's logo, blue overalls with a pocket and a single hole where his ghostly tail goes, a white undershirt and green gloves.


Clem in Luigi's Mansion 3

Luigi initially encounters Clem while the latter is napping. However, before Luigi can sneak away, he accidentally steps on a rubber duck, causing Clem to stir and then activate a pipe to spray Luigi as a prank before fleeing, forcing Luigi to stop the release of water.

Soon, Luigi sees Clem again through a window in the Reservoir, witnessing him pulling a switch which floods the room. As Luigi looks on, Clem scares him by surprise, causing him to fall into the water and almost drown, only for Polterpup to save him. Luigi is forced to take a detour through the sewers in order to find a way to drain the Waterworks.

He later encounters him in a tank, where Luigi again attempts to avoid waking him, only to end up stepping on another rubber duck, awakening him yet again. Clem gets irritated, but then gets the idea to fill the tank. However, after Luigi saves himself by getting into an inner tube, he decides to confront Luigi personally.


Clem will attack the player with a paper fan as well as launch mines.

The player needs to manipulate Clem into spinning himself in circles with his fan, then suck his inner tube and launch it into one of the sides of the reservoir, popping it. Afterwards, the player needs to disembark and approach his prone body. If he regains consciousness, he will be busy putting on another inner tube, requiring the player to flash him as he is busy and then try to suck him in (though it is preferable to use Gooigi and have him suck Clem in while Luigi stays inside the tank). Upon being defeated, Clem will struggle to free himself before being sucked in, humorously releasing several rubber ducks in addition to the Tomb Suites' elevator button which falls into the tank, requiring Luigi to drain the tank to collect it.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese モップラー
From "mop" and the German suffix for agent nouns "-ler"

Chinese 莫布拿
Transliterated from the Japanese name; also「布」means "cloth", which is trying to make a pun on「墩布」(dūnbù, mop)

Dutch Serge C.
Pun on "conciërge" (concierge)
French (NOA) Serge le concierge
Serge the caretaker
French (NOE) Lucien le gardien
Lucien the caretaker. Incidentally, the name Lucien comes from the Latin word "lux" (light) putting it in contrast with the darkness of the subterranean boilerworks area. "Lucien" is also an old-fashioned name, usually associated with French rural areas
German Karl Klempke
From "klempner" (colloquialism for "plumber")
Italian Brugolo
Male form of "brugola" (hex key)
Korean 모프라
Same as Japanese

Spanish (NOA) Lucio
Spanish (NOE) Tuberio
Play on "tubería" (pipe) and the name "Tiberio"


  • If the player is far away enough from him during his battle, Clem will fall asleep.
  • If the player fires a Suction Shot at him, he will swat it away with his fan.