List of Boos in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

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Boodonkulous, one of the Boos in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

During the events of Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, King Boo uses his power-enhancing crown to give the Boos a new ability: creating Spirit Balls, which makes objects invisible to the naked eye. The player can visit the Boo Canister in E. Gadd's Vault at anytime to see the amount of Boos they have caught.

Excluding Big Boo, only two Boos are required to be caught in the game. These Boos are found in Gloomy Manor's A-4: Visual Tricks, and Treacherous Mansion's E-2: Double Trouble. Capturing every Boo in a single mansion will unlock an extra mission for that mansion.

This is a list of all the Boos that appear in the game in the order they appear. There are 32 Boos total (not counting King Boo), 22 of which are unique and scattered across the game's missions, and Big Boo counts as ten Boos in E-4: Ambush Manuever. The chart shows each Boo's name, its amount of HP, the mission it is found in, the room it starts out in, and the object or saying that the said Boo is based on. Some of the Boos have different names depending on the game's region or console version.

Gloomy Manor[edit]

English name HP Mission Room Hiding place Name origin Japanese name
Boogie Woogie1
American: "Boo-ha-ha! I'm Boogie Woogie! Hang ten, green-hatted dude!"

British: "Booah ha ha! I'm Boogie Woogie! Let's dance!"

20 A-1: Poltergust 5000 Garage Shine the Dark-Light near some boxes by the door. Boogie-woogie テレワン
"I'm BaBoon! Let's go boo-nanas!"
20 A-2: Gear Up Mudroom Shine the Dark-Light where a side table was. Baboons テレイジー
Boo Boo1
American: "Oopsie. I made a Boo Boo..."

British: "Oopsie. I think I made a Boo Boo..."

20 A-3: Quiet Please! Studio Vacuum the sheet and use the Dark-Light on the empty space. Boo-boo (colloquial term for an injury or accident) テレブー
Unnamed Boo
No quote.
15 A-4: Visual Tricks Dining Room Shine the Dark-Light on the missing table. This Boo is required to complete the mission. N/A N/A
Ooga Booga (3DS)
American: "Ooga Booga! Did I scare you? My name's...wait for it...Ooga Booga!"

British: "Ooga Booga! Did I scare you? My name is – wait for it – Ooga Booga!"

Boothoven (Switch)
"Boo-o-o-oooooo! Did I scare you? My name is...sing it with me now...Boothoven!"

20 A-5: Sticky Situation Library Shine the Dark-Light where the piano was. The phrase "ooga booga" (3DS)

Ludwig van Beethoven (Switch)

1 - Due to not having access to the Dark-Light Device initially, these Boos cannot be captured unless the mission is replayed after obtaining the Dark-Light Device in A-4.

Haunted Towers[edit]

English name HP Mission Room Hiding place Name origin Japanese name
"A one, and a two, and we all love MamBoo! Except for you!"
25 B-1: A Job for a Plumber Hydro Generator Use the Dark-Light on the right side of the room to reveal a toolbox. Mambo テレッツ
"Am I Boolean? True or false?"
25 B-2: The Pinwheel Gate Sewer Pull down the first hanging flower. Boolean data type テレリア
"I'm Booluga! I used to be covered in blubber, but then I went on a die-it!"
25 B-3: Graveyard Shift Crypt Shine the Dark-Light on the upper-right side of the room to reveal an urn. Beluga whales テレジ
Boo B. Trap
"I always knew you'd fall for me! Boo B. Trap strikes again!"
25 B-4: Pool Party Family Room Shine the Dark-Light on the empty space between the 2 paintings. Then put the painting straight up by pressing the "X" button. Booby traps テレキチ
French Boodle
"Yip yip! I'm French Boodle! Aren't I bootiful?"
25 B-5: Doggone Key Tool Shed Find the Polterpup and chase it into the Garden. When Luigi returns to the Tool Shed, all the furniture will be gone; use the Dark-Light to reveal everything in the room. Poodles テレビ

Old Clockworks[edit]

English name HP Mission Room Hiding place Name origin Japanese name
"ComBooter says 01100010 01101111 01101111!"
30 C-1: A Timely Entrance Warehouse Unravel one of the red ribbons. Computer (The binary translates to "boo") テレスリー
Bootine (American) / Booillon (British)
Bootine: "Boo ha ha! I'm Bootine...with extra gravy!"

Booillion: "Boo ha ha! I'm Booillon. Shall I let you stew a bit or pulverise you now?"

30 C-2: Underground Expedition Quarry Use the Dark-Light on the empty space between the 2 ledges. Bootine: Poutine

Booillion: Bouillon

"Boodonkulous is in the building! My name makes no sense..."
30 C-3: Roundhouse Brawl Kiln Room Suck up every ghost. This Boo is not required to complete the mission (Luigi can still exit the room), but the Boo appears through usual mission progression like the other mandatory Boos. Ridonkulous (corruption of ridiculous) テレノシン
"Don't you dare call me GumBoo! My name be JamBoolaya!"
30 C-4: Play Catch Clock Tower Gate Use the Dark-Light to reveal a missing lantern to the right of the gate. Jambalaya テレミラ
Boony Raboot
"Boo! You found me! Nobody hare except Boony Raboot!"
30 C-5: Piece at Last Crank Room Shine the Dark-Light in a hidden area of the room (located to the far left) to reveal a toolbox. Bunny, Rabbit テレヤン

Secret Mine[edit]

English name HP Mission Room Hiding place Name origin Japanese name
"Hey, who turned out the lights? I'm Boofoon!"
35 D-1: Cold Case Terminal Shine the Dark-Light where the barrel was (arrows that are visible in the mirror point to it). Buffoon テレフォー
Booger (American) / Boouncer (British)
Booger: "I'm Booger! Why must you always pick on me?"

Boouncer: "I'm Boouncer! You think you can be in here? Naw, mate. Not with those shoes. Now, clear off!"

30 D-2: Hit Rock Bottom Chalet Shine the Dark-Light where the rocking chair was. Booger: Booger (colloquial term for mucus)

Boouncer: Bouncer (doorman)

American: "I'm ParaBoola! A symmetrical open-plane curve formed by the intersection of a cone with a plane parallel to its side! I mean... BOO!"

British: "I'm ParaBoola! I've set my derivative to zero to be at my peak! I mean... BOO!"

35 D-3: Across the Chasm Deep Hall Use the Dark-Light to reveal the kettle, then vacuum it over so it is above the fire. Parabola テレレフ

Treacherous Mansion[edit]

English name HP Mission Room Hiding place Name origin Japanese name
"Arf, arf! Grrrrrr... Better run from Boolldog!"
40 E-1: Front-Door Key Underground Lab Shock the armor with a blast of electricity by turning the valve with the Poltergust. Bulldog テレゴ
Boopa Troopa
"Boopa Troopa, reporting for duty! The Boo armies are here, so you might as well surrender!"
35 E-2: Double Trouble Inner Courtyard Activate the center mechanism with the Strobulb. This Boo is required to complete the mission. Koopa Troopa テレルーパ
American: "Ahem... I am Booreaucrat! This mansion is now under the ownership of King Boo, esquire. I take it you have the proper credentials to be here, including ID and a mansion-roaming license? No? That's...unfortunate. You'll have to be penalized!"

British: "Ahem... I am Booreaucrat! This mansion is now under the ownership of King Boo, Esquire. Are you authorised to be here? Your identification and mansion roaming permit, please. You don't have them? That's...unfortunate. I have no choice but to penalise you."

40 E-3: A Train to Catch Dark Age Exhibit Using a Bulb from the Study, float to the top of the exhibit to find a Gold Bulb. After grabbing the golden berry, grab all the coins in the shape of a Boo in time to reveal a treasure chest. Bureaucrat テレゾウ
Big Boo (counts as ten Boos)
"I may not be the king, but I sure am BIG. Big enough to crush you!"
N/A E-4: Ambush Maneuver Train Exhibit Use the Dark-Light on the missing train. This Boo is required to complete the mission. Colossus ジャンボテレサ
Jumbo Teresa
"I'm MaraBoo! Aren't my feathers classy?"
40 E-5: Paranormal Chaos Aviation Exhibit Use the Dark-Light where the hot-air balloon used to be. Marabou Storks テレロラ


  • JamBoolaya references GumBoo from Luigi's Mansion. Both are named after dishes in Louisiana Creole cuisine: jambalaya and gumbo.
  • Bootine and Booger are the only Boos to have a name change between the American and British versions.
  • ParaBoola's dialogue is similar in both the American and British versions of the game, the only difference being is that the American version is long-winded and technical, while the British English version is much shorter.
  • Boouncer's dialogue seems to be a reference to a scene in the 2008 British TV series The Inbetweeners, where the character Simon is briefly denied entry to a club because of his choice of footwear.
  • The Japanese names of some Boos correspond to ones that have previously appeared, but new puns were made for English versions. As a result, there are some connections between these characters that are not present in English, most notably with Big Boo who is named Boolossus in Japanese.