E. Gadd's Vault

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Luigi inside E. Gadd's Vault
“I'll send all the ghosts and trinkets you collect during your adventure down to the Vault for safekeeping. Check 'em out, sonny!”
Professor E. Gadd, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

E. Gadd's Vault, also known as the Vault, is an area in Professor E. Gadd's Bunker in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. It is available after the player completes the first mission in the main story mode for the first time. Here, the player can view all of their stats in the game. The amount of gold the player has obtained is shown on a computer monitor in the background while the player selects a unit. The rising floor panel lifts Luigi back to the Bunker.

The player can earn an E. Gadd medal on their file if they complete the entire Vault: This includes collecting every gem, capturing every Boo, receiving every Poltergust upgrade, and capturing every normal and boss ghost from Evershade Valley and ScareScraper at least once.


Ghost Container[edit]

The Ghost Container provides research information on all the ghosts Luigi has captured as well as showing a 3D model of each ghost. It also shows the highest W (Spectral Mass measurement) of the highlighted ghost the player has ever caught, along with the number caught. The number caught never rises above 99 no matter how many of the ghost have been caught.

The Ghost Container is similar to the Containment Unit used by the Ghostbusters.

Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Dutch Spookcontainer Ghost container
German Geister-Gehege Ghost enclosure
Italian Portaspettri Ghost cointainer
Portuguese (NOE) Contentor de Fantasmas Ghost Container
Russian Бак для призраков
Bak dlya prizrakov
Ghost tank
Spanish Contenedor de fantasmas Ghosts container

Gem Collection[edit]

The Gem Collection lets the player view all the gems they have collected throughout each mansion of the game, along with their corresponding statue if they have collected all of the crystals in the highlighted mansion.

Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Dutch Juwelencollectie Jewelry collection
German Juwelensammlung Jewelry collection
Italian Collezione di Gemme Gems Collection
Portuguese (NOE) Coleção de Joias Jewel Collection
Russian Драгоценные камни
Dragotsennye kamni
Spanish Colección de joyas Gems collection


The Unlockables section displays all of the upgrades Luigi received to the Poltergust 5000 and shows how much gold is needed to get to the next upgrade level.

Upgrade Treasure Requirement Description
Power Gauge Level 2 (A-Pull Level 2 in the British English version) 2000 G "When vacuuming up a ghost, you'll be able to charge the Power Gauge longer, weakening the ghost even more when you press A Button!"
Dark-Light Level 2 4000 G "Thanks to this upgrade, the Dark-Light Device won't overheat as quickly! Pretty cool, huh?"
Power Gauge Level 3 (A-Pull Level 3 in the British English version) 7000 G "When vacuuming up a ghost, you can now charge the Power Gauge to full capacity before pressing A Button!"
Dark-Light Level 3 10000 G "The cooling component in the Dark-Light Device has reached its maximum efficiency now! Those ghosts can't hide from you!"
Super Poltergust 20000 G "Ta-da! The Super Poltergust! This new model will capture ghosts much faster than the old model."
Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Dutch Upgrades en extra's Upgrades and extras
Portuguese (NOE) Melhoramentos Upgrades
Russian Улучшения
Spanish Mejoras Improvements

Boo Canister[edit]

The Boo Canister stores and shows all the Boos the player captured throughout each mission. It also displays the number of Boos caught altogether.

Even when the player has defeated King Boo, he does not appear in the Boo Canister.

Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Dutch Boo-container Boo container
Italian PortaBoo Boo-Container
Portuguese (NOE) Contentor de Bus Boo Container
Russian Контейнер для бу
Konteyner dlya bu
Boo container
Spanish Contenedor de Boos Boos container

Bank Vault[edit]

Seen within the Vault is a room where the treasure gained by Luigi is stored and tallied.

Release Device[edit]

The remote used to release the ghosts

Not found in the Vault itself, the Release Device is a yellow remote with a single antenna and two red buttons, one for the Ghost Container and the other for the Boo Canister. When one of the buttons is pressed, the corresponding device releases its ghosts. It is seen only in the epilogue, where E. Gadd holds it out in his hand.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Dutch K. Wibus' kluis E. Gadd's vault
German Gidd-Speicher Gadd Storage
Italian Caveau Vault
Portuguese (NOE) Cofre do Professor The Professor's Vault
Russian Хранилище П. У. Галкина
Khranilishche P. U. Galkina
E. Gadd's Storage
Spanish Cámara acorazada Vault


  • For an unknown reason, the camera found inside the Vault is facing the wall behind it.