List of Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon pre-release and unused content

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This is a list of pre-release and unused content for the game Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon.

Early builds[edit]

E3 2011 trailer[edit]

The E3 2011 logo for Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, formerly named Luigi's Mansion 2.
The original logo for the game.
  • The game was initially called "Luigi's Mansion 2" in all regions when first unveiled at E3 2011. In E3 2012, the game was renamed for North American and South Korean version as "Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon", with other regions keeping the old name but using a slightly updated logo.
  • There was a heart gauge on the top corner of the top screen indicating Luigi's health. In the final version, it is on the bottom screen, but occasionally pops up at the bottom of the top screen when Luigi receives damage.
  • Luigi had an utility belt as shown in the demo; which he carried his DS and items in.
  • Luigi didn't cower in fear when pixelated. Instead he would hold his arms out and stand still.
  • When Luigi was in the Garage, he had the Strobulb when the ghosts appeared. In the final version, Luigi only had the Poltergust 5000. A ghost also honked the horn of the car to scare Luigi in this version.
  • The knights in the Guard Hall had shinier armor.
  • In this version, a Poltergeist turned the stairs into a slide in the Foyer of Gloomy Manor, summons a bunch of ghosts and heads to the Library. In the final version, it is a Hider.
  • In this version, the door that leads to the Lobby originally leads to the Library.
  • In this version, Poltergeists did not have their brains shown in their heads.
  • The courtyard in Gloomy Manor had a small conservatory with a chest containing some coins, and a statue with a sheet on it.
  • The theme in Gloomy Manor was slightly slower than the final version.
  • Greenies with Kitchen utensils were in the Dining Room.
  • Ghosts looked different when they were stunned.
  • When Luigi tried to suck up a sheet, the A button symbol appeared immediately.
  • There was a early or cut desert room where a mummy appeared from the ground.
  • Luigi used voice clips from the first Luigi's Mansion.
  • Professor E. Gadd's lab was different compared to the final. The floor doesn't have the Vault door and the images that represent the Mansion, Vault, and the Scarescraper were different as well.
  • When Luigi tried to suck up a ghost, the Power Meter did not appear. Instead, an image of the A Button pops out when Luigi can perform a Power Surge.
  • When looking through the hole from the Secret Pocket, the player could see the Dining Room.
  • The Dining room is where the Studio is located, having a door on the left, with no door on the left or bottom of the room. Additionally, there is no shaft, due to the fact that the Dining Room was on the first floor.
  • There was an unused scene where Luigi gets scared by a Slammer holding a gear.
  • The part where Luigi sits on the toilet in Gloomy Manor was going to be a cutscene.
  • There were many doors that were going to be blocked by wood. However, later gameplay footage shows that the player would later be able to go inside the rooms in later missions.
  • Greenies would open any objects that would get in their way and laugh.
  • The mechanism in the Foyer of the Gloomy Manor was originally in front of the fountain instead of left of the fountain. Strangely, later in the same trailer, the mechanism is gone.

Second build[edit]

  • The Polterpup did not leave an imprint on the walls.
  • The scene in which the Polterpup eats the Haunted Towers key was not raining. In the final game, it is raining. The camera angle in the scene was also different. Polterpup's animations are different as well.
    • After Polterpup eats the key, the scene where Luigi looking shocked did not show.
  • Old Clockworks was originally the second mansion but replaced by Haunted Towers in the final.
  • The E. Gadd statue in Gloomy Manor was originally out front with a tarp over it but was moved to the backyard in the final.
  • The two Gold Greenies playing hockey in the Ice Lake were a less golden color than what was seen in the final game.
  • In the scene in which Luigi opens the door to Gloomy Manor, Luigi already had the Poltergust 5000. Also, when using the key, it quickly went inside instead of disappearing.
  • No matter how high the Power Meter is, when Luigi sucks up a ghost using a Power Surge, the reward will always be 3 coins.
  • In the scene where Luigi opens the elevator in Gloomy Manor there were spider webs around. This probably means that the mission Sticky Situation didn't exist yet.
  • In the 3DS trailer, a hill with a small house on it can be seen. In the final version of the game, a silouette of a castle can also be seen.

E3 2012 trailer[edit]

  • The Toad that was with Luigi in the Secret Mine was Toad himself, in the final the Blue Toad is with Luigi instead while Toad was moved to the Haunted Towers.
  • The snowman in front of the Secret Mine had a yellow scarf instead of a blue one.
  • There was an extra room in Secret Mine which contained an ice wall that was covered by a fake image. This could've been an early design of the Coward's Chasm in the final game or a different area entirely.
  • The Family Room didn't have a giant tree, but a cake with a Sneaker.
  • The mission results screen has a simpler Pixelator Screen design.
  • Gloomy Manor was originally named Ghostly Manor.

Comic-Con 2012 build[edit]

  • Professor E. Gadd's dialogue in the intro to A Timely Entrance in the Old Clockworks had multiple differences:[1]
    • When E. Gadd is telling Luigi about how the next Dark Moon piece is in the Old Clockworks, the dialogue is slightly changed so that "You see that, Luigi? That's where the next Dark Moon piece is. The Old Clockworks!" was split up into two dialogue boxes, with the Old Clockworks line being in its own dialogue box.
    • Also in the intro to A Timely Entrance, there is an unused version of E. Gadd's line, "Before it was abandoned, this place once produced the finest time pieces ever made," which was instead, "Yep, this place once produced the finest time pieces ever made."
    • There are removed Professor E. Gadd lines stating that the Old Clockworks was closed down after a series of horrific accidents, after which he says, "Anyhow, I'm sure it's perfectly safe. Heh..."
  • Going along with this, there is a ripped lab coat hanging from the gears of the Clock Tower Gate.[1]
  • On the far left side of the gears, there is an unidentifiable red object jammed into the gears that emits particles every time the gears try to rotate.[1]
  • When Luigi pulls down the platform in the Cargo Room, a blurry unidentifiable figure runs past the windows.[1]

Unused data[edit]

There are also some unused music files in this game. One of the known ones is a Haunted Towers esque cover of the nursery rhyme "Ring Around the Rosie", which may have been intended for the Rumpus Room at one point.

Bizarrely, said song would later show up in the arcade game as the boss theme for the Three Sisters.[2]


When Luigi's Mansion 2 was first revealed at E3 2011, a teaser artworkMedia:LuigiMansion2-LuigiKingBoo.png was revealed, showing King Boo and Luigi. In early 2013 (about two months from the official release date), an updated version of the artwork was released, showing a significantly rougher texture on both King Boo and Luigi. The texture used on this artwork was also used on all of the other artwork releases from that date and later.


Box art[edit]





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