List of Yoshi's New Island pre-release and unused content

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This is a list of pre-release and unused content for the game Yoshi's New Island.

Early builds[edit]

Nintendo Direct announcement (04/17/2013)[edit]

E3 2013 trailer and demo[edit]

  • The logo for the game and title screen were simpler.
  • The Yoshis could swallow a Mega Guy by hitting it with their tongue once, like a normal enemy.
  • The 1-Up meter that appeared when the Yoshi obtained a Mega Eggdozer was different. The game also used a different font.
  • Gusty Glory was supposed to be World 1-2, but it was World 2-6 in the final game. Its background showed a forest instead of pine tree hills. It had a different design as well. The differing level number was likely for demo purposes.
  • World 1-3 was originally a castle-like cave where Count Fang was fought. The music used for this level was a remix of the main theme that, in the final version, was reworked and used for some specific rooms in Bowser's Castle Break-In. In the final game, Count Fang is fought in World 2-8 and the cave became a section in Lantern Ghost Grotto. It was likely numbered 1-3 for demo purposes only.

Unused data[edit]

  • There are approximately 218 test stages,[1] some with unused elements such as green tulips that change color instead of disappear when used.[2]
  • There are several early cutscenes.[1]
  • There is a low-poly, lit up copy of the adult Mario model.[1]
  • The Cactus Jack enemy from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island has a model with animations but no programming.[1]
  • "mamesan_anger" is an angry, red version of Mame-san with no animations.[1]



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