List of Mario Golf: World Tour pre-release and unused content

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This is a list of pre-release and unused content for the game Mario Golf: World Tour.

Early builds[edit]

A screenshot from Mario Golf: World Tour Luigi golfing in Mario Golf: World Tour
A comparison of the earlier (top) and present (bottom).

In some of the earlier builds of the game, most of the numbers and letters were different in design and color. Also, some of the holes are different, such as Hole 1 in the Forest Course changing to a different hole, possibly Hole 4. The words stating the hole and par now have a dark transparent box around them as opposed to nothing at all in the earlier builds. This also applies to character head icon where the stroke count and overall score is, which has also moved from under the wind indicator to the bottom of the screen. The distance left to the pin has also undergone this change, with an added word "left", and has moved from the middle of the screen to the top. Additionally, the "+1/0%" icon on the ball has changed to "+-0" or "+-1", with the minus underneath the plus. "y", which stood for "yards", was then changed to "yd" in the final version. The plus or minus signs used for showing the difference in height that the desired landing position is has also changed to a corresponding arrow.

End of hole animations[edit]

The end of hole animations changed with the text and the background behind the text changing in color from red to blue.