List of Super Mario Odyssey pre-release and unused content

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This is a list of pre-release and unused content for the game Super Mario Odyssey.


The pre-release (left) and final (right) boxart for the game
The pre-release (left) and final (right) boxart for the game
The pre-release (left) and final (right) boxart for the game
  • The pre-release boxart of the game featured part of a screenshot of Mario in the Sand Kingdom shivering (due to the cold weather when first arriving) wearing a sombrero and poncho. In the final boxart of the game, this picture was instead changed to him swimming underwater in the Lake Kingdom due to controversy surrounding the original image being described as a negative stereotype of the Mexican people.
  • An unused sprite of an 8-bit Metro Kingdom regional coin exists in the game's files but is not used in the final game.
  • In a poster for the game, Isle Delfino from Super Mario Sunshine could be seen to the top left of the Mushroom Kingdom. Similarly, in an early version of the globe texture, it is seen to the top right of the Mushroom Kingdom. It is nowhere to be found in the final game, although upon close inspection, there is a small bump on the globe's final texture map that is roughly where it was in the poster, to the top left of the Mushroom Kingdom.[1]
  • The aforementioned globe texture also reveals that the Cascade Kingdom was originally shaped like a T-Rex skeleton rather than a triceratops, the Lake Kingdom was missing, the Wooded Kingdom was shaped differently, the Lost Kingdom was not surrounded by poison, the Seaside Kingdom was positioned differently, and the Luncheon Kingdom was shaped like a fork rather than a volcano. Also, all of the areas were green (except for the Snow Kingdom), whereas in the final game, some of the areas are in different colors, such as the Cap Kingdom being black.[2]

"First Look at Nintendo Switch" trailer[edit]

  • The ruins in the Sand Kingdom featured ice formations removed in the final game.
  • Bowser's wedding posters are not featured on the wall.
  • The Jaxi sign's appearance is different than in the final game.
  • The Checkpoint Flag at Tostarena Town's entrance is not present.
  • The Tostarenan in front of the Jaxi sign is hopping in front of it, while in the final game, he simply paces in front of it.

Nintendo Switch Presentation Trailer[edit]

  • Cappy and Tiara were not shown with eyes in cutscene and gameplay footage (except for Cappy being teased at the end of the trailer). This was most likely done to avoid revealing the characters too soon.
    • Similarly, when Mario is looking out the window of the Odyssey as its flying, Cappy takes on his appearance as Mario’s cap and his eyes are not present. In the final game, Cappy takes his ghost-like appearance and is off Mario's head.
  • The electronic billboard for Steam Gardens found in New Donk City showed that the location was originally named "Kogwald."
  • The details of Bowser's airship are different and simpler than in the final game.
  • Bowser has his standard hairstyle instead of his more "formal" hairstyle seen in the final game.
  • Peach's appearance more closely resembles her model from Super Mario 3D World, with the colors of her hair and dress being given more saturated colors than in the final game.
  • When Cookatiel is carrying the meat, Mario's nose and mustache are not seen on the meat as the capture ability would have been spoiled and it had not been introduced yet.
  • One of the buildings Mario Wall Jumps off of is green; it is gray instead in the final game.
  • The hat on the door of the Odyssey is smaller than in the final game.

E3 2017[edit]


  • In the cutscene where Mario throws Cappy for the first time, Cappy's eyes are not on Mario's cap while they are in the final game.
  • Peach's tiara was simply shown as a regular tiara rather than Tiara herself as she had not yet been revealed.
  • Knucklotec did not have a Multi Moon inside his head.
  • In one cutscene, the Binding Band is not seen next to Peach.
  • The mini-hats that appear on the Odyssey's support beams do not appear.


  • Multi Moons were originally named "Grand Moons", although they retain this name in the Japanese, Korean, and Chinese languages.
  • The Binding Band was simply named the "Wedding Ring."
  • The Showdown on the Inverted Pyramid mission was originally known as "Inverted Pyramid Showdown."
  • The Underground Temple was simply named the "Ice Cave."
  • The Metro Kingdom's Power Moons were much more bronze-colored than brown.
  • The Mayor Pauline Commemorative Park had a Mini Rocket instead of Mechawiggler's parts. In the final game, this Mini Rocket is found by entering a building and reaching the end of the area inside, where it is positioned on an isolated platform.
  • Several of the quotes uttered by NPCs are different than in the final game:
    • The RC Car driver in New Donk City originally said, "Is there a better way to spend free time? Nope." before it was changed to, "How are my kids so good at this?"
  • The HUD during the E3 demo did not feature the instructions to press Minus Button to view the map and Plus Button for the menu, or the compass underneath the Health Meter.
  • When there is only one hit point left, the Health Meter flashes differently than in the final game.
  • When the player acquired a Life-Up Heart, the extra health meter was colored green alongside the first one instead of light blue.
  • In New Donk City, there are signs present in certain areas that are not in the final game.
  • The rooftop pool beside the top of city hall in the Metro Kingdom is significantly deeper, with the water level being just over Mario's head; in the final game, the water level approximately reaches Mario's neck.[3] It is likely that this change was due to the original water level leaving Mario susceptible to drowning, as demonstrated in a YouTube video uploaded by gaming news site Polygon during E3.[4]
  • The T-Rex in Deep Woods was sleeping, while it is roaming around in the final game.


Unused data[edit]

In the music note collecting room in New Donk City, there is an unused copy of the area that seems to mirror the normal one. This is never normally seen in game, and may date from an older concept for the area considered in its development.[5][6]

The Art of Super Mario Odyssey[edit]

  • Rosalina was considered to have a role in the game, where she was going to be a street musician who specialized in playing the acoustic guitar.[7][8]
  • Several costume ideas were dropped for being unsuitable for mixing and matching as well as not fitting the game progression. Some of these concepts include Cloud Mario, Toadette, a sailor fuku uniform, a Luma, and the green Sprixie Princess.
  • One idea portrayed Bowser as assisted by an evil Bonneter serving as a villainous version of Cappy, allowing him to capture other characters and objects like Mario, but for the game release, the idea was altered to show Bowser equipping a robotic top hat with mechanical boxing gloves.[9] The original concept for the game's final boss battle involved him capturing Peach, with her design being altered to resemble Bowser's after getting captured by him.
  • Peach and woolly mammoth capture artwork appear in the book, suggesting that Mario could capture the former at one point and that the latter would have appeared in the game as a capture.
  • Bowser was also depicted wearing a detective style hat and trenchcoat at one point as well. This implied that he may have dressed in different outfits themed after the kingdoms he visits, like Mario and Peach do in the final game. Other artwork shows Mario having captured one of the sheep that appears in the final game, as well as a generic colored cube.
  • He also had a winged car at one point, reminiscent of Bowser's Muscle Car in Super Mario 3D World. This was replaced by an airship in the final game.
  • Cappy had numerous earlier design concepts too. Most of these were just designs with different types of hat, though one resembled a bird like creature with legs instead of an Eerie-esque ghost and another had him as a slime-like creature with a witch's hat.
  • New Donk City went through quite a few revisions in its art style as well. One of these had a much more Super Mario-esque aesthetic for the area, complete with New Donkers resembling Mario and Luigi themselves. Another gave them anime style designs somewhat resembling those in the Professor Layton series.
  • Yume Kōjō: Doki Doki Panic-style Arabian NPCs were planned to appear in the Sand Kingdom at one point and are shown alongside camels, snake charmers, and sphinx-like creatures.
  • Cats were a suggestion to populate New Donk City.
  • Toad Town was considered as an addition for the Mushroom Kingdom, complete with a fountain, cafe and human tourist NPCs.
  • The Cloud Kingdom went through numerous redesigns in its development, ranging from a mountain range to a palace made out of clouds before ending up as the arena found in the final game.
  • The Ruined Dragon had a few design revisions over time too, ranging from an Eastern style dragon to a humanoid dragon god-style creature.
  • One early concept for the Odyssey was a traditional airship such as the ones commanded by Bowser seen throughout the Super Mario franchise instead of resembling a red top hat.
  • Mario and Peach were suggested to marry at the end of the game, but the idea was changed so that Peach refuses to marry either Mario or Bowser due to them both constantly bickering over her.
  • The Broodals went through many different designs. Some examples include bridesmaids, crocodiles, birds, certain NPCs from different kingdoms, circus performers, regional bodyguards, and recurring established enemies.[10]


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