Tostarena Town

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Tostarena Town
Tostarena Town in Super Mario Odyssey.
The view just outside of Tostarena Town.
First appearance Super Mario Odyssey (2017)
Greater location Sand Kingdom

Tostarena Town is a location found in the Sand Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey. It serves as the hub of sorts of the kingdom, and is found in the southern central region of the kingdom.


Tostarena Town is a small town found in the Sand Kingdom. As with the rest of the Sand Kingdom, the town is heavily inspired by Mexican culture and aesthetics, and features traditional Mexican architecture and decor. There are multiple spark pylons found in the town, which Mario can use to travel to various other locations in the kingdom. There is a Crazy Cap shop near the entrance of the town, with a hidden Power Moon inside, and a Slots house within the town as well. Talkatoo can be found on top of one of the roofs, and a Jaxi stop is found near the entrance of town. Mario can throw Cappy at the top of the fountain in the center, and holding him there will make a Power Moon pop out. There are three pots found to the west of the fountain, where Mario can throw seeds found across the kingdom into to grow Power Moons. On top of a building to the northwestern part of the town is a Power Moon, and near that is a Warp Pipe that leads to a secret area with a Tostarenan where Mario must ground pound a rumbling part of the ground to reveal another Power Moon. Towards the northern part of the town is a locked door that can only be entered if Mario is wearing a poncho and a sombrero, both of which can be bought at the Crazy Cap in town. Finally, there is a Mini Rocket on top of one of the roofs; capturing it and launching will take Mario to a platforming challenge through moving platforms that must be cleared without Cappy.

Aerial view of Tostarena Town in 'Super Mario Odyssey.
An aerial view of the town.

When first visiting the town, the resident Tostarenans are in a panic over the extreme cold in the desert. They plead to Mario to stop the Broodals atop the Inverted Pyramid and find a way to restore the heat of the desert. During nighttime, Chinchos run rampant outside the town. Upon defeating Knucklotec, the desert climate turns back to normal, and Tostarena Town becomes lively once again. A boombox playing the town's theme can be found on top of a roof after restoring the climate. A Tostarenan and a New Donker can be found together near a taxi; they mention traveling the world, and talking to them in the various kingdoms will reward the player with Power Moons. Upon clearing the main story, multiple visitors from different kingdoms come to visit the town. A Nintendog near the entrance of the town will sniff out a Power Moon for Mario, and a Hint Art detailing the shop area in Bowser's Kingdom can be found on the back side of one of the buildings. Jammin' Toad appears on top of one of the roofs as well, and a Bonneter can be found disguised as a sombrero, who will give the player a Power Moon if spoken to. Finally, after breaking the Sand Kingdom's Moon Rock, a Moon Pipe appears south of the town on a small cliff, which takes the player to a platforming challenge featuring invisible moving platforms and a Moe-Eye.



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アッチーニャの町
Acchīnya no Machi
Tostarena Town
Chinese (Simplified) 阿炽尼亚的城镇
Āchìníyǎ de chéngzhèn
Tostarena Town
Chinese (Traditional) 阿熾尼亞的城鎮
Āchìníyǎ de chéngzhèn
Tostarena Town
French (NOA) Village d'Ifézèc Tostarena Village
French (NOE) Bourgade d'Ifézèc Tostarena Village
German Brutzelebene - Siedlung Tostarena Settlement
Italian Città di Tostalandia Tostarena City
Russian Тостарена
Spanish Pueblo de Soltitlán Tostarena Town