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“I'll take off as soon as you're strapped in, but watch yourself - I go quick.”
Jaxi, Super Mario Odyssey

Mario riding a Jaxi.

Jaxis[1] are creatures resembling jaguars found in the Jaxi Ruins segment of the Sand Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey. Upon talking to one for the first time, it will ask Mario if he wants a ride for 30 Coins, which Mario can either accept or deny. The player is only charged once.

As soon as Mario jumps onto the Jaxi's back, it will take off running at its full speed. The player can control the Jaxi with the left control stick, brake by pressing B Button, and dismount by pressing ZL Button. However, the Jaxi's speed makes it difficult to control, with the Jaxi sliding whenever the player makes a turn, though the player can turn quickly by braking while turning. Any breakable objects or small enemies the Jaxi runs into will be knocked over or defeated. Mario can also ride Jaxis safely over poisoned water.[2] If the player falls down a pit while riding a Jaxi, the Jaxi will return to the spot the player found it.[1]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ライドン・バス[3]
Raidon Basu
Raidon Bus; raidon is based on 「ライド」 (raido, ride) or 「ライオン」 (raion, lion), or both.
Spanish jaxi Jaxi
French jaxi Jaxi
Dutch Jaxi -
German Miauxi Portmanteau of miau, meaning meow, and taxi.
Italian Ruggitaxi Portmanteau of ruggito, meaning roar, and taxi.
Russian Рыкарус[4]
Portmanteau of ryk, meaning "growl", and "Icarus", a brand of Hungarian buses popular in 1990s-2000s Russia.
Korean 잭시
Chinese 萊德·巴士
Láidé Bāshì
Ride Bus


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