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Not to be confused with Sphinx.
Sphinx SMO.png
Sphynx in the Seaside Kingdom.
First appearance Super Mario Odyssey (2017)
“Greetings, traveler, and to your hat as well. Can you answer my riddle?”
Sphynx, Super Mario Odyssey

The Sphynx is a large stone statue that appears in Super Mario Odyssey. It appears in several kingdoms, blocking the way to a small room in which the player can find a Power Moon, and often a large amount of coins. It moves once the player answers its riddles, which are generally questions relating to the kingdom in which it is found. After opening its paths, talking to the Sphynx will lead to extra questions; answering all of the Sphynx's various questions correctly will unlock an achievement from Toadette in the Mushroom Kingdom, granting the player a Power Moon. It appears in the Sand Kingdom, Wooded Kingdom, Seaside Kingdom, Moon Kingdom, and the Darker Side of the Moon where if Mario has passed all quizzes everywhere else, the Sphynx will challenge him to one final quiz where he will be rewarded with lots of coins. However, if he fails one question, the level must be restarted or failed before Mario can try again.

In the post-game, the Sphynx can be seen floating with a sail in the sky of the Cascade Kingdom, the Metro Kingdom and Bowser's Kingdom. In those cases, if the player captures a pair of binoculars and focuses it on the Sphynx, a Power Moon will appear.

The Sphynx is modeled after the real-life Great Sphinx of Giza.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese Sphinx Quiz[1]
Sufin Kuizu
Sphinx Quiz

Pun on 「スフィンクス」 sufinkusu, "sphinx," and 「クイズ」 kuizu, "quiz."
Spanish Kin Triga From "qué intriga" (how intriguing)
French Sphynx -
Dutch Sphynx -
German Sphynx -
Italian Enigmicia Riddle-Cat
Russian Софинкс
Korean 스핑퀴즈
From "Sphinx" and "quiz"
Chinese 斯芬・奇思
Sīfēn Qísī
Transliteration of Japanese name.


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