Wedding Hall

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Wedding Hall
SMO Moon Brochure A.png
First appearance Super Mario Odyssey (2017)
Greater location Moon Kingdom
“Legends tell of a moon goddess, and this wedding hall is said to have been created in her honor, though no one knows for sure. The stunning exterior contrasts beautifully with the black sky, a symbol of Honeylune Ridge. Weddings here are often open, so lucky travelers can join the party.”
Moon Kingdom brochure, Super Mario Odyssey

The Wedding Hall is a location in the Moon Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey. It is a large, white church atop Ever-After Hill. Notably, it is one of the final areas to be visited in the main story, where Bowser ends up holding his wedding with Princess Peach. Mario arrives just in time to save Peach, although before he can do so, Bowser activates a trapdoor, sending him and Cappy down to a darkened arena below the Wedding Hall for battle. After the battle, a glowing, crumbling area is revealed to be even deeper underneath the church.

Below the grand, golden bell toward the peak of the church, there is a hole Mario can drop down into to find himself in the rafters, where, appropriately, Power Moon #14: "Up in the Rafters" can be found.

Behind the Wedding Hall, there are Frogs, one of which Mario can Capture and operate to collect the five Moon Shards scattered on top of the church. Collecting all of them earns Mario Power Moon #17: "Moon Shards on the Moon".

One of the questions asked during the Sphynx's quiz in this kingdom inquires about the secret entrance used to access the Wedding Hall. The correct answer is "below the bell".

After the main story has been completed, Mario may revisit the inside of the Wedding Hall to find a few stray tourists still in the church. One of them, a Shiverian, tells Mario he has eaten too much and is feeling groggy. Mario must suit himself in the doctor clothing and speak to him to earn Power Moon #23: "Doctor in the House".

After Mario has visited and spoken to Peach and Tiara in the previous thirteen kingdoms, he may return here to find them on top of the Wedding Hall, below the bell. Speaking to them earns Mario Power Moon #26: "Peach in the Moon Kingdom".

Inside the lobby of the Wedding Hall, there are two paintings and Hint Art in the corner. In the attached area, near the altar, there is an assortment of all souvenirs Bowser has taken from each kingdom. Several inhabitants from the various kingdoms are seen here during Mario's first visit.

According to the Moon Kingdom brochure, the Wedding Hall is rumored to be created in the honor of a legendary moon goddess. The brochure also praises the glowing exterior contrasting with the pitch black sky, thought to be a symbol of Honeylune Ridge. The brochure also states weddings held at the Wedding Hall are often open, allowing others to come in and enjoy the festivities.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 結婚式場
Kekkon Shikijō
Wedding Hall
French Salle des fêtes Party Hall
German Hochzeitssaal wedding hall
Italian Sala nuziale Wedding hall
Spanish (NOE) Salón Nupcial Wedding Hall