Our First Power Moon

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Our First Power Moon
The first Power Moon of the Cascade Kingdom.
Location Cascade Kingdom
Mission # 1
Game Super Mario Odyssey
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Our First Power Moon is the first story mission of Super Mario Odyssey and takes place in the Cascade Kingdom. The mission's objective is to collect the first Power Moon in the game.


The mission begins with Mario traveling across a power line to the Waterfall Basin. After traveling along the basin to find blocks obstructing the path, Mario must head right and evade some Burrbos. Mario must then travel up some stairs to find a Chain Chomp on the higher level. Mario must capture the Chain Chomp and send it into the glowing rock, unveiling the Power Moon. Collecting this Power Moon causes the adjacent rock formation to collapse, allowing Mario to access the Odyssey and surrounding areas.

Areas visited[edit]



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese はじめての パワームーン
Hajimete no Pawā Mūn
First Power Moon
Chinese (Simplified) 第一个 力量之月
Dì yī gè lìliàng zhī yuè
First Power Moon
Chinese (Traditional) 第一個 力量之月
Dì yī gè lìliàng zhī yuè
First Power Moon
Dutch De eerste maan The First Moon
French La première lune de puissance The First Power Moon
German Unser erster Power-Mond Our First Power Moon
Italian C'è sempre una prima luna There is always a first moon
Russian Наша первая луна энергии
Nasha pervaya luna energii
Our first Power Moon
Spanish Nuestra primera energiluna Our First Power Moon