Underground Temple

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Underground Temple
The forty-eighth Power Moon of the Sand Kingdom.
First appearance Super Mario Odyssey (2017)
Greater location Sand Kingdom

The Underground Temple is a location in Super Mario Odyssey. It is located in the Sand Kingdom, deep underground.

As part of this kingdom's mission, Mario must enter the large hole at the far north reaches of the desert. This takes him and Cappy down into the temple, noticeably frosty and cold. Right behind where Mario lands is a Warp Pipe taking him back aboveground. Shortly after Mario begins here he encounters a Hat Launcher he must toss Cappy at to activate a Pulse Beam destroying the blocks in his way. Doing this again with the upcoming set of blocks allows Mario to collect a few regional coins.

If Mario is having trouble navigating across the slippery ice, he may capture one of many Goombas located around the temple, whose movement is unaffected by the surface. In the middle of the next area are coins and Hat Launchers suspended in the air. Just after this is a small stone structure with a broken pillar, and shortly after that, a very tall Goomba Tower. Mario may capture it to hit a few ? Blocks, as well as collect a few regional coins and a Power Moon nearby. He may also retreat back to the structure with the broken pillar to find a few additional Goombas on top. Moving onward, Mario must cross over a few moving ice platforms and either use the Hat Trampoline or uncapture the Goomba Tower to move on.

This next section requires Mario to capture a Bullet Bill and speed through the area, avoiding moving stone columns and stopping on the platform midway if needed. Once at the end of this section, Mario may move deeper into the temple. Here, he may find the stand for the Binding Band, which is later returned and can be Ground Pounded for a Power Moon, as well as the arena where Knucklotec is subsequently fought.

At the start of the preceding Bullet Bill section, Mario may capture the Bullet Bill and, rather than move forward, move behind the thick wall to the right. Here, he finds a few steps and Hat Trampolines taking him up to the top of the wall. Moving forward along the top of the wall takes Mario to a treasure chest containing a Power Moon.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 地下のアッチーニャ神殿
Chika no Acchīnya Shinden
Underground Tostarena Temple

Italian Tempio sotterraneo di Tostalandia
Tostarena underground temple
Spanish (NOE) Templo subterráneo
Underground Temple