Mushroom Kingdom (Super Mario Odyssey)

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Mushroom Kingdom
Most Famous of All Kingdoms
SMO Mushroom Brochure Art.png
Peach's Castle
The elegant heart of the kingdom.
Population Middling
Size Wide-ish
Locals Toads
Currency 64-esque
Industry Pipes, Tourism
Temperature Average 81°F (27°C)

The Mushroom Kingdom is the fifteenth kingdom visited in Super Mario Odyssey. It is the greater location of Peach's Castle, which is based on its design from Super Mario 64, sharing a similar layout (including the castle grounds, first floor interior, and courtyard), with the music of the interior being rearranged as well. The kingdom itself contains multiple references to Super Mario 64, with many of them taking the form of Power Moon requirements. The Mushroom Kingdom can be first seen by traveling through a painting in the Luncheon Kingdom, which leads to Yoshi's House on a floating platform away from the main area. The rest of the area cannot be explored until after rescuing Princess Peach from Bowser in the Moon Kingdom, after which the Odyssey can fly to the kingdom. Power Moons have a much different appearance in this kingdom, resembling Power Stars. However, when they are loaded into the Odyssey, they appear as Power Moons.

Brochure details[edit]

You'll always know whose castle this is.

A Lovely Portrait in Glass[edit]

Because Princess Peach is so often absent from her kingdom, her citizens took it upon themselves to create a stained-glass portrait of her on the castle balcony. While a pale reflection of the genuine article, the portrait brings comfort to the citizenry when their princess can't be with them.

Less "art storage" and more "art prison."

Towering Mysteries[edit]

In older times, the towers dotting the landscape here were watchtowers. Now they hold and preserve a series of mysterious paintings. These incredibly detailed works are so real that admirers speak of being pulled into another world by the paintings.

However, it's extremely rare for tourists to be permitted to see them, due to some undescribed danger, and casual visits are discouraged.

An image of the national attitude.

Places to Relax[edit]

The Toads of the Mushroom Kingdom value their relaxation and have created several lovely spots on the castle grounds for that purpose. Neither too small nor too large, and with just the right amount of ornamentation, these plazas and courtyards exemplify the best traits of this kingdom.

A bit more dangerous than it looks. A bit.

Slightly Scary Woods[edit]

Even the serene Mushroom Kingdom has its more dangerous locales. This forest was originally planted for mushroom cultivation, but while the mushrooms have flourished, a large number of wild Goombas have also moved in. While it's come to be known as Goomba Woods, it's still a pleasant place for a stroll, so if you're not afraid of these fearsome beasts, why not treat yourself to a walk?

Not very deep, so a good place to swim.

A Castle's Water Feature[edit]

The only lake on the castle grounds features a small but lovely waterfall and is a popular spot to visit. The lake formed naturally, but some claim that its shape is familiar. Hmm...

SMO Mushroom Brochure C.png

Not Mushrooms[edit]

These fruit thrive in the warm climate here and are a favorite of many creatures that reside in the Mushroom Kingdom.

SMO Mushroom Brochure G.png

Three Keys to the Kingdom[edit]

  1. Visit Peach's Castle, the face and heart of the kingdom.
  2. Relax in the various soothing spots scattered about.
  3. Stroll through the rolling hills and dales of the castle grounds.


SMO Mushroom Brochure Map.png

Bonus areas[edit]

Bonus area Accessed via Location Description
SMO Mushroom Moon 24.png
Mario Picture Match
Mini Rocket East of Goomba Woods An area with a Picture Match minigame. Mario must assemble cardboard parts of his facial features to closely match the original picture.
SMO Mushroom Moon 28.png
Locked door guarded by a Toad On the steep slope leading to Goomba Woods An exact recreation of the courtyard from Super Mario 64, where Mario must open all eight treasure chests scattered throughout to obtain a Power Moon, as well as throw and spin Cappy onto a glowing spot on top of the fountain to obtain another Power Moon. Mario can only access this area while wearing his Mario 64 or Metal Mario set.
SMO Mushroom Moon 29.png
The Sea of Clouds
Warp Pipe At the main river's source A platforming area among a sea of clouds composed of colorful block-like structures and seesaw-like lifts, where Mario must capture Yoshi and help him eat all of the berries scattered throughout the area to obtain a Power Moon while avoiding the Maw-Rays that emerge from the clouds. This area must first be accessed by eating the berry blocking the Warp Pipe as Yoshi, who is found on top of Peach's Castle.
SMO Mushroom Moon 31.png
Moving 2D Area
Well West of Peach's Castle An 8-bit area composed of moving walls and spinning platforms. Mario must remain within these walls at all times while avoiding the Bullet Bills and Fuzzies throughout the area. If he falls out of these walls, he will fall into the void below and will have to restart this area.


Enemies marked with an asterisk (*) are only found in bonus areas, while the non-boss enemies marked with a caret (^) are found during the boss rematches.


There are eight paintings in this kingdom, six of which are boss rematch paintings while the other two are warp paintings.

Warp paintings[edit]

SMO Mushroom Kingdom to Snow Kingdom Painting.png
The painting that leads to the Snow Kingdom
SMO Mushroom Kingdom to Seaside Kingdom Painting.png
The painting that leads to the Seaside Kingdom

There are two warp paintings. One is located near some trees next to the Odyssey. It can lead the player either to the Snow Kingdom Clifftop at the Snow Kingdom or the Diving Platform at the Seaside Kingdom, and can be used at any time. The other painting is found at Yoshi's House and can be only accessed from a painting at Luncheon Kingdom.

Boss paintings[edit]

There are six boss rematch paintings. Knucklotec's painting is located inside a tower at the west of the kingdom, Ruined Dragon's painting is located inside a pipe under the castle's moat blocked with a Berry that only Yoshi can eat, Mechawiggler's painting is inside a tower at the north of the kingdom, Torkdrift's painting is inside a tower that can be accessed by climbing a vine, Mollusque-Lanceur's painting is located at a pipe under the moat where Dorrie is, and Cookatiel's painting is located at a tower next to where Dorrie is.

Power Moons[edit]

The Mushroom Kingdom has star-shaped Power Moons.
Main article: List of Power Moons in the Mushroom Kingdom

There are a total of 116 Power Moons (98 regular Power Moons and 6 Multi Moons) to be found in the Mushroom Kingdom, more than any other kingdom in the game; 61 of these moons are obtained by completing achievements for Toadette.

Regional coins[edit]

SMO Mushroom Regional Coin Screenshot.png
Main article: List of regional coins in the Mushroom Kingdom

There are a total of 100 regional coins to be found in Mushroom Kingdom, which take the form of Super Mario 64's star-stamped coins. They also resemble the Purple Coins found in the Super Mario Galaxy games.

Starting Area / Odyssey - 17 coins

  • 4 coins: On top of the water fountain
  • 3 coins: On the big rock behind the Odyssey
  • 3 coins: On the grass fields in front of the Odyssey
  • 4 coins: Under the bridge near the Odyssey
  • 3 coins: On the roof of a house near Mushroom Pond

Peach's Castle Main Entrance - 39 coins

  • 3 coins: Under the bridge of the castle entrance
  • 3 coins: Along the pathway to the castle
  • 3 coins: On the roof of a house just west of the path.
  • 3 coins: Near the river, obtained by jumping up the big mushroom
  • 3 coins: On the edge of the waterfall to Mushroom Pond
  • 3 coins: In between the trees near a Toad Shepherd
  • 2 coins: On top of a tree at south end of underground passage.
  • 4 coins: In an underground passage
  • 3 coins: Cliff's edge - non-grass path near Toad shepherd.
  • 3 coins: Inside Peach's Castle behind the throne.
  • 3 coins: Near the edge of cliff - next to well.
  • 3 coins: Above north exit of the underground passage
  • 3 coins: At the roof of Peach's Castle

Mushroom Pond - 12 coins

  • 3 coins: On top of Dorrie
  • 3 coins: Underwater - cave in front of Dorrie
  • 3 coins: Cliff's edge - river flowing over the edge
  • 3 coins: Near a blue mushroom

Toad's Garden - 12 coins

  • 3 coins: East side of maze
  • 3 coins: North side of maze
  • 3 coins: Near edge, northeast of garden.
  • 3 coins: Narrow path behind building

Goomba Woods - 20 coins

  • 3 coins: Next to river - right before the waterfall.
  • 3 coins: On the river - directly under waterfall
  • 3 coins: Underwater (pond)
  • 2 coins: Floating above tree north of garden
  • 3 coins: On a rock near Peach's Castle
  • 3 coins: On a rock near Peach's Castle
  • 3 coins: Behind building above the woods.


Names in other languages[edit]

Mushroom Kingdom[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キノコ王国
Kinoko ōkoku
Kokunaigai no hitobito ni aisareru ōkoku
Mushroom Kingdom
Kingdom loved by people around the world
Chinese 蘑菇王国
Mógū Wángguó
Mushroom Kingdom
Dutch Paddenstoelenrijk
Veruit het beroemdste koninkrijk ter wereld
Mushroom Kingdom
By far the most famous kingdom in the world
French Royaume Champignon
Le royaume le plus célèbre au monde
Mushroom Kingdom
The most famous kingdom in the world
German Pilz-Königreich
Das berühmteste Königreich überhaupt
Mushroom Kingdom
The most famous Kingdom of them all
Italian Regno dei Funghi
Il reame più celebre al mondo
Mushroom Kingdom
The most famous realm in the world
Korean 버섯 왕국
국내외 사람름에게 사랑받는 왕국
Beoseot Wangguk
Guknaeoe Saramreumege Sarangbatneun Wangguk
Mushroom Kingdom
A kingdom loved by people at home and abroad
Russian Грибное королевство
Самое знаменитое королевство в мире
Gribnoye korolevstvo
Samoye znamenitoye korolevstvo v mire
Mushroom Kingdom
The most famous kingdom in the world
Spanish Reino Champiñón
El reino más famoso de todo el mundo
Mushroom Kingdom
The most famous kingdom in the whole world

Peach's Castle[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ピーチ城
王国の中心に位置する 美しき城
Ōkoku no chūshin ni ichi suru Utsukushiki shiro
Peach's Castle
Beautiful castle located in the heart of the Kingdom
Chinese 桃花公主城堡(Simplified)
Táohuāgōngzhǔ chéngbǎo
Bìjīgōngzhǔ chéngbǎo
Princess Peach's Castle
Dutch Peach' kasteel
Het geliefde hart van het rijk
Peach's Castle
The beloved heart of the kingdom
French Château de Peach
La délicate perle de la région
Peach's Castle
The delicate pearl of the region
German Pilz-Palast
Das Herz des Königreichs
Mushroom Palace
The Heart of the Kingdom
Italian Castello di Peach
Il maestoso cuore del regno
Peach's Castle
The majestic heart of the kingdom
Korean 피치 성
왕국의 중심에 위치하는 아름다운 성
Pichi Seong
Wanggukui Jungsime Wichihaneun Areumdaun Seong
Peach's Castle
A beautiful castle located in the heart of the kingdom
Russian Замок Пич
Прекрасное сердце королевства
Zamok Pich
Prekrasnoye serdtse korolevstva
Peach's Castle
The beautiful heart of the Kingdom
Spanish Castillo de Peach
El corazón del reino es su elegante castillo
Peach's Castle
The heart of the kingdom is her elegant castle


  • When the eight chests in the hidden replica of Super Mario 64's castle courtyard are opened in the correct order, the eighth chest corresponds to the position of the Big Boo holding the cage that leads to Big Boo's Haunt.
  • The two 2D Power Moons in this kingdom resemble regular Power Moons in a gold color and make the normal 8-bit version sound of obtaining a Power Moon, rather than the Super Mario 64 sound.
    • The Multi Moons obtained from the boss rematches also appear as a trio of Power Moons, rather than a trio of Power Stars.