A Fresh Start for the City

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A Fresh Start for the City
Location Metro Kingdom
Mission # 2
Game Super Mario Odyssey
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A Fresh Start to the City is the second story mission of the Metro Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey. The mission's objectives are to find all four members of The Super Mario Players for Pauline and restore the power plant located underground.


The mission begins at the Odyssey, and Mario must talk to Pauline who requests that four musicians be found: a drummer a little to the right (who says he heard Mario and Pauline talking and would be a pleasure to join Pauline on stage), a bassist on Mayor Pauline Commemorative Park (who says that he is down for all Pauline has done for the city), a guitarist (who states that because Pauline pays for the gig rates, he is definitely in), and a trumpeter, who is on top of a building that Mario must get to the top of by going up a spark pylon, ground pounding a switch and going across black and white metal blocks with limited time or by jumping from the top of New Donk City Hall; the trumpeter says anytime, anyplace, he would not want to miss the festival. All four musicians reward Power Moons, and each will play the Power Moon jingle with their instrument upon Mario collecting it.

After finding the four musicians, Pauline asks Mario to bring the Underground Power Plant back to commission by going down the sewer that Cappy can remove the drain from. After capturing a Manhole, moving it out of the way and falling down the hole, Mario will see the powerless power plant. In the next room, there is poison water, Poison Piranha Plants and platforms that Cappy can rotate around. The power plant is in the room after that with two Big Poison Piranha Plants surrounded by poison which if defeated will spawn another Power Moon, which unlocks the switch to restore the city's power.

Areas visited[edit]

  • Main Street Entrance
  • New Donk City Hall Plaza
  • New Donk City Hall Auditorium
  • Mayor Pauline Commemorative Park
  • Underground Power Plant

Smaller objectives[edit]

The mission's name (on the brochure screen and in the introductory cutscene if Mario leaves then returns to the kingdom) changes to the following objectives at certain points during the mission:

  • Getting the Band Together: Begins after talking to Pauline at the start of the mission. The goal is to search for the four musicians.
  • Powering Up the Station: Begins after finding all four musicians. The goal is to restore power to the Underground Power Plant.
  • An Invitation from the Mayor: Begins after power is restored to the city. Mario must accept Pauline's invitation to take part in the New Donk City Festival.

Power Moons obtained[edit]

  • Drummer on Board!: Received from the drummer upon finding and talking to him.
  • Guitarist on Board!: Received from the guitarist upon finding and talking to him.
  • Bassist on Board!: Received from the bassist upon finding and talking to him.
  • Trumpeter on Board!: Received from the trumpeter upon finding and talking to him.
  • Powering Up the Station: Obtained after restoring power to the power plant.


Names in other languages[edit]


A Fresh Start for the City
Language Name Meaning
Japanese 都市の再出発
Toshi no Saishuppatsu
The City's Fresh Start

Power Moons[edit]

Drummer on Board!
Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドラマー参入!
Doramā Sannyū!
Drummer Joins In!
Chinese 鼓手加入!
Gǔshǒu jiārù!
Drummer Joins In!
Guitarist on Board!
Language Name Meaning
Japanese ギタリスト参入!
Gitarisuto Sannyū!
Guitarist Joins In!
Chinese 吉他手加入!
Jítā shǒu jiārù!
Guitarist Joins In!
Bassist on Board!
Language Name Meaning
Japanese ベーシスト参入!
Bēshisuto Sannyū!
Bassist Joins In!
Chinese 贝斯手加入! (Simplified)
貝斯手加入! (Traditional)
Bèisī shǒu jiārù!
Bassist Joins In!
Trumpeter on Board!
Language Name Meaning
Japanese トランぺッター参入!
Toranpettā Sannyū!
Trumpeter Joins In!
Chinese 小号手加入! (Simplified)
小號手加入! (Traditional)
Xiǎo hào shǒu jiārù!
Trumpeter Joins In!
Powering Up the Station
Language Name Meaning
Japanese トラブル解決!発電所
Toraburu Kaiketsu! Hatsudensho
Trouble Solved! Power Station
Chinese 问题解决了!发电厂 (Simplified)
問題解決了!發電廠 (Traditional)
Wèntí jiějué le! Fādiàn chǎng
Problem Solved! Power Station