List of Power Moons in the Ruined Kingdom

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This is a list of the 10 Power Moons (9 regular Power Moons and 1 Multi Moon) that can be found in the Ruined Kingdom of Super Mario Odyssey.

# Power Moon Location Availability
1 The Ruined Dragon preparing an attack.
Battle with the Lord of Lightning!
After exiting the Odyssey, Mario should make his way up the stairs and pull the sword out of the ground using Cappy. A spark pylon will appear that Mario can capture and ride up to the tall tower. A boss fight with the Ruined Dragon will ensue and will reward Mario with a Multi Moon when defeated. Available from the start.
2 SMO Ruined Moon 2.png
In the Ancient Treasure Chest
To the left of the stairs that lead to the spark pylon, there is a ledge that Mario can hold on to. At the end of the ledge is a treasure chest that contains a Power Moon. Available from the start.
3 SMO Ruined Moon 3.png
Roulette Tower: Climbed
A Mini Rocket on the battlefield will lead Mario to a roulette block challenge area. After climbing the tower, Mario is rewarded with a Power Moon. After defeating the Ruined Dragon.
4 SMO Ruined Moon 4.png
Roulette Tower: Stopped
Inside the Roulette Tower in the section to the left of where the red Koopa Troopas are. After defeating the Ruined Dragon.
5 SMO Ruined Moon 5.png
Peach in the Ruined Kingdom
Peach and Tiara are on the battlefield, to the right of the dragon. Available after talking to the Toad outside Peach's Castle (Mushroom Kingdom).
6 SMO Ruined Moon 6.png
Caught on a Big Horn
Obtained by throwing Cappy onto the dragon's left horn and holding him there until the Power Moon appears. Available after opening this kingdom's Moon Rock.
7 SMO Ruined Moon 7.png
Upon the Broken Arch
On top of the broken arch on the right side of the staircase. Available after opening this kingdom's Moon Rock.
8 SMO Ruined Moon 8.png
Rolling Rock on the Battlefield
On the battlefield, there is a loose rock that must be thrown 50 times or hit another rock near the Ruined Dragon to reveal a Power Moon. Available after opening this kingdom's Moon Rock.
9 SMO Ruined Moon 9.png
Charging Through an Army
Inside a Moon Pipe that appears next to the Odyssey. The pipe leads to an area where Mario must bust open a cage by capturing a Chargin' Chuck. Available after opening this kingdom's Moon Rock.
10 SMO Ruined Moon 10.png
The Mummy Army's Curse
In the area led to by the Moon Pipe; after the Chinchos start appearing, Mario must return to the beginning of the area, where a sparkling Chincho will spawn. Defeating it reveals the Power Moon. Available after opening this kingdom's Moon Rock.