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A Moon Rock in Super Mario Odyssey

Moon Rocks (initially called Mysterious Cubes in the Prima Games guide)[1] are lustrous gray cubic objects found in Super Mario Odyssey. There is one in each kingdom visited (excluding the Mushroom Kingdom, Dark Side, and Darker Side), but Moon Rocks have no function until after Bowser is defeated in the Moon Kingdom. After the player defeats Bowser and collects all of the Multi Moons in a given kingdom (if there are any), that kingdom's Moon Rock glows, and Mario can activate it by either throwing Cappy at it or ground-pounding on it. Upon Mario activating a Moon Rock, it flies into the sky and explodes, causing more Power Moons to become available in that kingdom. Toadette also gives Mario a Power Moon for activating all of the Moon Rocks. A Moon Rock fragment is also sold in the Moon Kingdom's Crazy Cap shop.

The twenty-fifth Power Moon of the Lake Kingdom.
Block formations that appear to be made of Moon Rock

Similarly textured rocks can be found in the Moon Kingdom, most prominently during the escape sequence at the end of the game. The same texture is also found on the colored material that makes up many of the "another world" secret areas.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 月の石
Tsuki no ishi
Moon Stone
Chinese 月之石
Yuè zhī shí
Moon Rock
Dutch Maansteen Moon-Stone
French Roche lunaire Lunar Rock
German Mondquader Moon-Cuboid
Italian Monolito lunare Lunar Monolith
Korean 달의 돌
Dal'ui Dol
Moon Stone
Russian Лунный камень
Lunnyi kamen'
Moon Rock
Spanish Roca lunar Lunar Rock


  • The Wooded Kingdom releases the most Power Moons from its Moon Rock when activated, releasing 22 Moons, while the Ruined Kingdom releases the fewest Power Moons, releasing five Moons.
  • In New Donk City, there are some computers located in various areas of the kingdom. Looking closely at the computers reveals an open page with a picture of the Sand Kingdom's Moon Rock, before it is active.
  • The Moon Rocks show a Widmanstätten pattern. This pattern occasionally appears on meteorites.


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