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Sand Kingdom
SMO Art - Sand Kingdom.jpg
Inhabitants Tostarenans
First Appearance Super Mario Odyssey (2017)

“Sand Kingdom - Kingdom of Red Sands and Lively Locals.”
In-game brochure, Super Mario Odyssey

“Tostarena - Gateway to the stark beauty of the desert.”
In-game brochure, Super Mario Odyssey

The Sand Kingdom is a desert location featured in the upcoming Super Mario game Super Mario Odyssey, and the third kingdom acccessed[1]. It is based on real world locations from Mexico, and is the greater location of Tostarena. Its Regional Coins are Pyramid Coins, which resemble the Inverted Pyramid.

The Sand Kingdom was the first location shown in the game, dating back to the first Nintendo Switch trailer.

Brochure details[2][edit]

  • Population: Middling
  • Area: Expansive
  • Natives: Tostarenans, Moe-Eyes
  • Currency: Pyramid-shaped
  • Industry: Tourism, precious stones
  • Climate: Average temp. 40°C / 104°F


Map of the Sand Kingdom.
  • Tostarena Town, a colorful town inhabited by the Tostarenans[2]
  • Tostarena Ruins, a ruins that lies at north of Tostarena Town[2]
  • Moe-Eye Habitat, an area inhabited by Moe-Eyes[2]
  • The Inverted Pyramid, an upside-down pyramid[3]
  • Desert Oasis, a frozen oasis[4]
  • Ice Cave, an underground area with ice platforms and crushing pillars[5]
  • A vast bottomless pit under the ground with Poisoned Water pathways, which can be accessed and traversed by Jaxi[6]
  • A secret cave at the bottom of the desert.[7]
  • Deepest Underground, the deepest part of the Ice Caves where Knucklotec resides.

Power Moon locations[edit]

The Sand Kingdom has green Power Moons.

There are a total of 69 Power Moons to be found in the Sand Kingdom. Mario will need to collect 16 Power Moons to power up the Odyssey.[8]

  • 01: Atop the Highest Tower: On top of the highest tower in the Tostarena Ruins.
  • 02: Moon Shards in the Sand: Obtained after collecting all five Moon Shards in the Moe-Eye Habitat.
  • 05: Overlooking the Desert Town: On top of a building in the Tostarena Town.
  • 07: On the Leaning Pillar: Found atop a stone pillar in the Tostarena Ruins; accessible by capturing a Bullet Bill.[9]
  • 11: On Top of the Stone Archway: Found atop the large archway at the Tostarena Ruins entrance.
  • 12: From a Crate in the Ruins: Found inside a shiny crate in the Tostarena Ruins.
  • 16: Where the Birds Gather[10]
  • 17: Top of a Dune: Obtained by ground pounding the tallest sand dune to the left of the Tostarena Ruins entrance.[11]
  • 20: Inside a Block Is a Hard Place: Found inside a shiny stone block in the Tostarena Ruins; accessed by destroying the block with a Bullet Bill.
  • 24: The Treasure of Jaxi Ruins: Found inside a treasure chest accessible after traversing through the Ice Caves.
  • 32: Taking Notes: Jump on the Palm: Obtained after collect all the Rainbow Notes atop a palm tree in the Desert Oasis.
  • 40: Wandering Cactus: Obtained by ground pounding a glowing section of sand underneath a cactus.[12]
  • 43: Employees Only: Behind the counter in the Crazy Cap shop.[13][14]
  • 44: Sand Kingdom Slots: Obtained after lining up three Power Moon symbols on the slot machines inside a building in Tostarena Town.[15]
  • 50: Ice Cave Treasure: On top of the last stone pillar in the Ice Cave; accessible via wall jumping up the stone pillars.[16]
  • A Rumble from the Sandy Floor: Obtained by ground pounding a floor tile in a secret room accessed via a Warp Pipe near the "Overlooking the Desert Town" Power Moon.[17]
  • The Secret of the Mural: Found during the 2D section of the Highest Tower, right before getting the Power Moon at the top.
  • Dancing with New Friends: Found inside a building only accessible with the Tostarena Mario outfit (sombrero and poncho).
  • Walking the Desert!: Obtained after completing a challenge by an unnamed Koopa Troopa.[18]
  • Taking Notes: Running Down: Obtained after collect all the Rainbow Notes in an area to the left of Tostarena Town.[19]
  • Shopping in Tostarena: Can be purchased from the Crazy Cap shop for 100 yellow Coins.[20]
  • Lost in the Luggage:[21] Obtained by ground pounding on a glowing spot close to a New Donker's car.[22]
  • Alcove in the Ruins: Found in an alcove beneath the ruins platform with a Bill Blaster and three crates, just after the first 8-bit sequence.[23]
  • Hidden Room in the Flowing Sands: Found in a secret room hidden under the sand in the Tostarena Ruins.[24]
  • Secret of the Inverted Mural: Found in a hidden area in the outside section of the Inverted Pyramid's 8-bit segment.[25]
  • Jaxi Stunt Driving: Obtained after collecting all the Rainbow Notes in the Jaxi-accessible secret area.
  • Jaxi Driver: Found at the end of the Jaxi-accessible secret area.
  • The Bullet Bill Maze: Break Through: Found at the end of the Bullet Bill maze (accessed via a building to the far-left side of the Inverted Pyramid).
  • The Bullet Bill Maze: Side Path: Found in an alternate path of the Bullet Bill maze.[26]
  • Sand Kingdom Tick-Tock Athletics 1: On top of the Bullet Bill maze building (accessible via a Warp Pipe at the end of the Bullet Bill maze).[27]
  • Bird Traveling the Desert: Obtained by throwing Cappy at a large bird flying around the Kingdom.[28]
  • Sphynx's Treasure Vault: Obtained by correctly answering the Sphynx's riddle.[29]
  • Herding Sheep: Obtained by herding the three lost sheep.[30]
  • Desert Gardening: Plaza Seed:[31] Obtained by planting the seed in Tostarena Town and then waiting for the seed to bloom.[32]
  • Obtained by creating a Goomba Tower because of its height from the ground in the Deepest Underground.[33]
  • Obtained by making a second flower bloom in Tostarena Town.[34]
  • Obtained by making a third flower bloom in Tostarena Town.[35]

Multi Moon locations[edit]

  • Showdown on the Inverted Pyramid: Obtained after defeating Harriet.
  • Obtained after defeating Knucklotec in the deepest part of the Ice Caves.[36]



Names in other languages[edit]

Sand Kingdom[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 砂の国
Suna no Kuni
Sand Country
Spanish (NOE) Reino de las Arenas[39] Sands Kingdom
French (NOE) Pays des Sables[40] Sands Country
Dutch Woestijnrijk[41] Desert Kingdom
German Wüstenland[42] Desert Country
Italian Regno delle Sabbie[43] Sands Kingdom
Russian Песчаное царство[44]
Peschanoe carstvo
Sand Kingdom


Language Name Meaning
Japanese アッチーニャ[45]
From acchicchi, an expression for "hot"
Spanish Soltitlán[46] From Spanish sol (Sun) and Nahuatl titlán (place), which is commonly found in town names in Mexico
French Ifézèc[47] Play on the words il fait sec (it is dry)
Dutch Zonnesteekstad[48] Sunstroke City
German Brutzelebene[42] Sizzle Plain
Italian Tostalandia[43] From "Tostarena" and the suffix -landia (land)
Russian г. Тостарена[49][50]
g. Tostarena
Tostarena City


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