Battle with the Lord of Lightning!

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Battle with the Lord of Lightning!
The Ruined Dragon preparing an attack.
Location Ruined Kingdom
Mission # 1
Game Super Mario Odyssey
Boss(es) Ruined Dragon
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Battle with the Lord of Lightning! is the sole story mission of the Ruined Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey. The goal is to defeat the Ruined Dragon and repair the Odyssey.


Bowser on the Ruined Dragon's head approaching the Odyssey in Super Mario Odyssey.
Mario and Cappy confronting Bowser with the Ruined Dragon before the mission.

Before the mission, Mario and Cappy's time with controls are interrupted by a large thud. They go outside to confront Bowser stood on the Ruined Dragon's head. The dragon strikes the Odyssey with a magenta lightning bolt, wrecking it. The Odyssey crash lands in the Ruined Kingdom, which is reduced to rubble. It is required to be repaired with three Power Moons. Some swords embedded in the ground may be removed by Cappy leading up a few phases of stairs. One last sword reveals a spark pylon leading to the Tower of Crumbleden where the battle begins. The Ruined Dragon flies up to the scene and prepares to attack. Mario must avoid his breath of lightning. Then the Ruined Dragon will hammer his head into the ground and becomes lightning free, the lightning spreads across the floor leaving Mario to jump over or evade it. Then he may attack by jumping onto the dragon's head, removing the swords which breaks a crown with Bowser's face on it and Ground Pounding a glowing part of his head. Repeating twice more will make the Ruined Dragon faint and rest on the tower, giving Mario and Cappy victory and a Multi Moon.

Areas visited[edit]

  • Tower of Crumbleden


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 決闘!イカヅチの王
Kettō! Ikazuchi no Ō
Duel! King of Thunder
Chinese (Simplified) 决斗!雷王!
Juédòu! Léi wáng!
Duel! Thunder King!
Chinese (Traditional) 決鬥!雷王!
Juédòu! Léi wáng!
Duel! Thunder King!
German Kampf gegen den Herrn der Blitze Battle against the Lord of Lightning
Italian Scontro con il Signore dei Fulmini Clash with the Lord of Lightning
Spanish (NOE) Combate contra el señor del rayo Battle against the Lord of Lightning