Top-Hat Tower

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Top-Hat Tower
Outside Top-Hat Tower in Super Mario Odyssey.
Top-Hat Tower as seen from Bonneton's Central Plaza.
First appearance Super Mario Odyssey (2017)
Greater location Bonneton

Top-Hat Tower (also known as Bonneton Tower) is a location in Super Mario Odyssey, found in Bonneton. Inside it is the first platforming segment in the game, culminating in the game's first boss fight (against Topper) at the top.


The interior of the tower

Top-Hat Tower is a tall tower overlooking the rest of Bonneton. It is located west of the Central Plaza, across the Sometimes Bridge. The main body of the tower is pure white, topped with a large black top hat, hence the name.

Inside the tower is a simple platforming segment where Mario can capture for the first time; he is required to capture some frogs and jump up inside the tower in order to progress. There are moving platforms and Mini Goombas inside to hinder his progress, small bodies of water to swim in, and coin rings to show where Mario should jump, with some ? Blocks and Brick Blocks attached to the walls. At the end of the segment are a Life-Up Heart in a treasure chest and some crates, as well as a door to the top of the tower.

The "brim" of the top hat

After completing the platforming segment, the player can access the top of the tower. Upon first visiting, the hat-shaped airships on the top are heavily damaged, with Bonneters assessing the damage. Mario must make it to the very top of the top hat, where he has his first encounter with the Broodals and battles Topper. After Topper is defeated, a spark pylon appears, which Mario must capture to proceed to the Cascade Kingdom.

During later visits, Captain Toad can be found at the top of the tower where Topper was fought, and rewards Mario with a Power Moon when spoken to. There is a scarecrow with a timer challenge right outside of the tower, a platforming challenge on a hidden platform under the tower where Mario must capture a Paragoomba and fly over a rushing poisonous stream, and another platforming challenge behind a door on the side of the top hat, where Mario must maneuver through Push-Blocks with the help of spark pylons. There is a Power Moon located under the brim of the top hat as well, requiring a precise jump in order to reach it. After completing the main story, the hat-shaped airships are fully repaired, and the Cap Kingdom's Koopa Freerunning race starts at the top of the tower.

A render of the model

A model of Top-Hat Tower can be purchased as a souvenir at the Crazy Cap store in the Cap Kingdom for 25 regional coins. Its plaque has letters engraved on it that read "Cabron", a transliteration of Bonneton's Japanese name, Kaburon.

Hint Art depicting Top-Hat Tower

The Hint Art of the Mushroom Kingdom located inside Peach's Castle depicts Top-Hat Tower in front of the moon. Its corresponding Power Moon is buried on the spot on Glasses Bridge where such a view is observable.


Enemies and obstacles[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 帽子の塔
Bōshi no Tō
Hat Tower
Chinese 帽子塔 (Simplified)
Màozi tǎ
帽子之塔 (Traditional)
Màozi zhī tǎ
Hat Tower
Dutch Hoedtoren Hat tower
French Chapitour From chapeau (hat) and tour (tower)
German Hutturm Hat Tower
Italian Torre Cappello Hat Tower
Russian Шляпная башня
Shlapnaya bashnya
Hat tower
Spanish (NOA) Torre de Villa Chistera Bonneton Tower
Spanish (NOE) Torre Sombrero Hat Tower