Find Band Members in the Cap Kingdom!

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Find Band Members in the Cap Kingdom!
Find Band Members in the Cap Kingdom! in Super Mario Odyssey
Location Cap Kingdom
Game Super Mario Odyssey
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Find Band Members in the Cap Kingdom! is the first of three missions in the VR mode in Super Mario Odyssey, set in the Cap Kingdom. It is unlocked after the player defeats Topper in the Cap Kingdom and progresses to the Cascade Kingdom in the main game. The objective is to collect all of the notes and deliver the correct musical instruments to the Bonneter, Lochlady, and Tostarenan musicians in the area.

Area layout[edit]

Mario starts on top of one of the hat houses in the Central Plaza next to a coin, which forms a coin trail leading to one of three treble clefs when collected. Multiple Hat Trampolines and coin rings are also scattered around the plaza. If Mario tries to go beyond Glasses Bridge, he is transported back to the plaza in a bubble.

The bridge to Top-Hat Tower is absent; instead, Mario can reach the top of the tower by using the nearby slingshot. On top of the tower are four yellow platforms with a single Coin Block, two ? Blocks containing coins, three Brick Blocks (the middle one containing a single coin), and a Hidden Block containing a heart, respectively. A Warp Pipe transports Mario back to the Central Plaza.


  • Bonneter: The Bonneter is located behind the starting point and requires a keyboard. A treble clef can be found on top of the mast of the hat airship to the left of Glasses Bridge, revealing multiple notes in an "S" formation on the ground when collected. The keyboard appears after all of them are collected.
  • Lochlady: The Lochlady is located next to the hill leading to Top-Hat Tower and requires a microphone. If Mario collects the treble clef near the starting point, ten notes floating above three shifting platforms appear. Collecting all of the notes reveals the microphone.
  • Tostarenan: The Tostarenan is located on a lower platform to the left of Glasses Bridge and requires a trombone. In the center of the plaza are three crates; breaking the middle one reveals a treble clef, which creates a trail of notes leading to and above a Hat Trampoline. Collecting all of the notes makes the trombone appear next to the trampoline.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 帽子の国で 演奏者を集めよう!
Bōshi no Kuni de Ensōsha o Atsumeyō!
Let's Gather Performers in the Cap Kingdom!

Chinese 在帽子国召集演奏者吧! (Simplified)
在帽子國召集演奏者吧! (Traditional)
Zài màozi guó zhàojí yǎnzòu zhě ba!
Let's Gather Performers in the Cap Kingdom!

Spanish (NOE) ¡Da con los miembros de la orquesta en el Reino Sombrero!
Find the Band Members in the Cap Kingdom!