Deep Woods

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Deep Woods
SMO Deep Woods.png
First appearance Super Mario Odyssey (2017)
Greater location Wooded Kingdom

The Deep Woods (also spelled the Deep Wood[1]) is a mysterious area located within the Wooded Kingdom of Super Mario Odyssey. If Mario falls off the edge of the Iron Road, he will plummet to this area. The greatest hazard he will encounter in the area is a T-Rex. The only possible escape from the area (without saving and quitting) is to plant a seed granted to Mario by a Steam Gardener into one of four pots in the area and climb a beanstalk back to the kingdom's mainland. There are nine Power Moons to collect in the area in total, and nine regional coins as well. The in-game map will show where the Deep Woods will be entered by using lines instead of dots where it can be entered. Where the player ends up in the Deep Woods is determined by where the player fell in the mainland. Where the player exits is determined by which beanstalk is climbed.

In-game description[edit]

It doesn't appear on any tours, but there is an area untouched by the machines of the Steam Gardens. Here the trees grow quickly, barely allowing any light through. The Steam Gardeners do not speak of it, but rumor has it they discourage visiting this place because of the danger posed by the giant creatures that call it home.

Entrance and exit locations[edit]

Falling from the eastern side of the mainland will put the player near a beanstalk pot and they will be facing the biggest tree. Falling from the western side will put the player near a beanstalk pot on the other side of the tree. Exiting from the beanstalk pot near the eastern entrance will place the player near the Odyssey. Exiting from the pot near the western entrance will place them near the lake next to Talkatoo. Heading to the right from the eastern entrance, they will encounter another pot. Climbing up the beanstalk there will put them near the river northeast of the Odyssey. The pot located in the final corner of the Deep Woods will lead the player to the Iron Road: Halfway Point.



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 森の底の樹海
Mori no Soko no Jukai
The Sea of Trees at the Bottom of the Forest
Chinese (Simplified) 森林尽头的树海
Sēnlín jìntóu de shùhǎi
The Sea of Trees at the End of the Forest
Chinese (Traditional) 森林底下的樹海
Sēnlín dǐxia de shùhǎi
The Sea of Trees Beneath the Forest
Italian Cuore della foresta Heart of the forest
Russian Дремучий лес
Dremuchiy les
Dense Forest
Spanish (NOE) Corazón del bosque Heart of the Forest


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