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First appearance

Super Mario Odyssey (2017)

Seeds are items that appear in Super Mario Odyssey. They are small, yellow acorn-like objects and can be found in some locations of the kingdoms. Mario must bring the seed to a small plant pot and then wait for it to grow into a golden bud. Mario can touch the bud and it will sprout into a Power Moon. In the Seaside Kingdom, Mario can use a Gushen to water it, quickening the growing process. Once Mario has collected the Power Moon that has sprouted from the seed, the plant will stay fully-grown and bloomed for the rest of the game, allowing the Power Moon to be re-collected for coins or health at any point.

In the Wooded Kingdom, a similar plant appears in the Deep Woods, appearing in a stream surrounded by blackened noncollectable coins stuck in the riverbed. Mario must use a Coin Coffer to shoot coins at it. As he does so, it grows taller and taller. After a few hundred coins, the bud finally appears and can be opened.

There also exists a bigger variation of seeds, which Mario can take to an enclosed patch of dirt and throw them into it. The seed will grow into a massive Beanstalk, which will take Mario to a higher platform, out of the Deep Woods, or to a bonus area in the sky. In the Wooded Kingdom, these seeds are dispensed by blue Steam Gardeners.