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This article is about the inanimate statues found throughout the Sand Kingdom. For the rideable variant, see Jaxi.
Jaxi Statue
Rendered 3D model of Jaxi Statue.
First appearance Super Mario Odyssey (2017)
“Aw, were you takin' me to see my family, you old softy?”
Jaxi during Jaxi Reunion!, Super Mario Odyssey

Jaxi Statues are sculptures resembling Jaxis. They are found in the Sand Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey. At least one can talk and move, which lets Mario ride on it as long as he pays a one-time fee of 30 coins. It is strongly suggested, however, that more than one Jaxi can move. Six stands for Jaxi Statues are found atop the Inverted Pyramid around its edge, five of which are occupied; the empty corner is stated to be the former resting spot of the moving Jaxi.[1] Taking the Jaxi to this spot rewards Mario with a Power Moon. Pairs of Jaxi Statues are also present at the Tostarena Ruins Entrance and the entrance to the Jaxi Ruins. Near the Desert Oasis, there is a lone Jaxi Statue located on a pedestal and facing an empty slot; if Mario takes the rideable Jaxi to said empty slot, then he will recognize the statue as his family and give a Power Moon to Mario. Cappy can interact with the tails of the Jaxi Statues atop the Inverted Pyramid, producing one coin per statue, though one of the statues instead rewards a Power Moon; the other Jaxi Statues cannot be interacted with in this way.

One of the purchasable souvenirs from the Sand Kingdom is a small replica of a Jaxi Statue. There are also extremely small Jaxi Statues atop the souvenir of the Inverted Pyramid.



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