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Mechawiggler in Super Mario Odyssey
Species Mechanical Wiggler
First appearance Super Mario Odyssey (2017)
“That thing is tryin' to suck up all the juice from our city!”
New Donker, Super Mario Odyssey

Mechawiggler is a massive insectoid robot from Super Mario Odyssey and the boss of the Metro Kingdom, as well as one of the six bosses refought at the Mushroom Kingdom. Despite being ostensibly based on a Wiggler, it bears little resemblance to them, though it has a similar "enraged" state and several segments making up its body. It has five glowing orange eyes, a cyan and fuchsia plasma globe embedded into each segment including the head, yellow electricity-producing rods surrounding said globes, and a mouth that resembles an electric plug.

Mechawiggler is initially found covered in electricity on the lightning rod of New Donk City Hall, where it uses its plug to absorb the city's electrical power. Once Mario reaches the top, it briefly crawls around the rod a few times before stopping and shrieking, followed by it charging Mario off the side of the building. Mechawiggler then proceeds to pursue the falling Mario down the side of the building. Mario lands upright on the ground and the battle begins.

Mechawiggler attacks Mario by hurling electrical orbs from each of its segments while crawling along the wall. Mario must capture a nearby Sherm, avoid or destroy the balls of electricity, and shoot Mechawiggler's weak points, the plasma globes, which darken, along with the electric rods, after one hit each. Once all the globes have darkened, Mechawiggler stops moving entirely while they glow faintly along the cracked surfaces, and Cappy urges Mario to start shooting at it even more; doing so causes Mechawiggler to squirm around before eventually getting covered in miniature explosions with another shriek.

Mechawiggler then gets angry, turns orange, begins moving faster, and phases through the wall of City Hall, obscuring itself from Mario's view. However, Mechawiggler's movement inside the building is marked with a spark of electricity along the outside wall moving to the ground, followed by a large purple aura appearing for several seconds, marking Mechawiggler's point of attack. When this happens, it rushes out from the purple vortex in a straight line at an immense speed along the ground. Mechawiggler continues this attack pattern through various surrounding walls several times before returning to one of the walls, still angry, and shooting four electric spheres. After this, it calms down, and its plasma globes relight, now a pink color. It continues crawling along the wall, now at the same speed as during the first phase, and still shoots electric spheres. Mario must again damage the plasma globes. However, Mechawiggler can now become angry before Mario is finished, at which point it makes a single charge across the ground before climbing onto another wall, where it calms down after shooting more electricity, allowing Mario to continue. Once all the globes have been hit again, Mario must resume attacking Mechawiggler in rapid succession, which defeats it.

Once defeated, Mechawiggler, covered in electricity, shrieks one more time, then explodes from tail to head, releasing a Multi Moon. After its defeat, one of its pieces crashes in Mayor Pauline Commemorative Park and can be Ground Pounded to collect a Power Moon.

In the rematch in Peach's Castle, Mario fights two Mechawigglers that each have more segments. The battle is similar, except that both will use their charging attack simultaneously before linking their bodies during the wall-climbing phase; both Mechawigglers also launch pink electric spheres that split into multiple bursts. When Mechawiggler is defeated again, it will explode, releasing a Multi Moon.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese メカハナチャン
Meka Hanachan
Chinese (Simplified) 机械花之子
Jīxiè huā zhī zǐ
Chinese (Traditional) 機械花毛毛
Jīxiè huā máomao
Dutch Mechawiggler -
French (NOA) Méca-Wiggler Mecha-Wiggler
French (NOE) Mechawiggler -
German Mechawiggler -
Italian Torcibrucobot Wigglerbot
Korean 메카꽃충이
Russian Меха-Егоза
Spanish Metaruga Portmanteau of "metal" and "Floruga" (Wiggler)


  • Mechawiggler and RoboBrood are the only bosses not to have three phases each time they are fought. Mechawiggler only has two, whereas RoboBrood has four.
  • In the rematch, the player can glitch the camera through the large roadblock. Doing so reveals the ground of New Donk City, without the buildings.[1]
  • According to the Prima guide, Mechawiggler is Bowser's pet.[2]
  • If the player beats Super Mario Odyssey without defeating Mechawiggler, even if the player has beaten Bowser and rescued Peach, Bowser's airship can still be seen flying above Mechawiggler with Bowser, Princess Peach, and the items stolen by Bowser.[3]


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