Battra Hanachan

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Battra Hanachan
Battra Hanachan transforms into this.
Applies to Wiggler
Item needed Muncher
First appearance Super Mario-kun volume 6 (1993)
Battra Hanachan's Wiggler form
Battra Hanachan's first form

Battra Hanachan is a form that Wiggler takes in Super Mario-kun after her flower is replaced with a Muncher, transforming her into a monster. The appearance is a reference to Mothra, one of the many adversaries that Godzilla faced, while the name references another kaiju from the Godzilla franchise: Battra, whose name means "Black Moth" or "Battle Mothra" in Japanese.

While ambushing Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi in the Forest of Illusion, Bowser and Kamek kidnap Wiggler and replace the flower on her head with a Muncher, making her not only angry, but also more beastly and her body turns prickly. Mario and his friends come across Wiggler, who attacks them by biting and spitting silk at them, cocooning Yoshi. Mario tries to remove the Muncher, but he gets bitten by it, so Battra Hanachan cocoons herself and morphs into a moth monster. Battra Hanachan zaps the ground with an electric attack, almost squashing Bowser under some debris and pulverizing Yoshi. Mario grabs his remains and, with Luigi, collects as many enemies as possible, then closes them and Yoshi's remains between two eggshells, resuscitating Yoshi into Star Yoshi. With a kajiu-sized beast on their side, the Mario Bros. send Yoshi to fight Battra Hanachan.

Battra Hanachan attempts to blow away Star Yoshi by flapping her wings so hard that she even manages to rip off Yoshi's skin, but he still remains in place. After punching her with his tongue and even absorbing her electric attack, Yoshi defeats her by ripping her wings and the Muncher from her head, making her turn into a normal flowerless Wiggler, right in front of Bowser and Kamek, who start running away from her rage.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese バトラハナチャン
Batora Hanachan
Black Moth Wiggler
French Mothwigglera[1] Portmanteau of Mothra and Wiggler


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