Bowser's Kingdom

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Not to be confused with Bowser's Castle.
Bowser's Kingdom
Well-Defended Castle Floating Among Glowing Clouds
SMO Bowser Brochure Art.png
Bowser's Castle
The castle that walled off the sky.
Population Middling
Size Sprawling
Locals Stairface Ogres
Currency Oblong
Industry Hanafuda cards
Temperature Average 79°F (26°C)
First appearance Super Mario Odyssey (2017)

Bowser's Kingdom is the thirteenth kingdom visited in Super Mario Odyssey. It is the home of Bowser and the greater location of his castle. Unlike in most games, in which it has a Western European design, this castle is a lush, flowering traditional Japanese castle, with a concentric series of walls and baileys, a traditional garden and tea house, and a central keep. Instead of the usual lava, its moats are filled with Poisoned Water.

Brochure details[edit]

Mallets big enough to climb on.

Terrifying Gatekeepers[edit]

Don't run afoul of the Stairface Ogres that guard this kingdom. When they spot an intruder, they bring their huge mallets down, no questions asked. On the other hand, you have to admire their tenacity and work ethic. The scars on their faces show they don't give up easily.

Architecture as lovely as the scenery.

Beautiful Tile Work[edit]

This kingdom's architecture is unique. Roofs are made of heavy, layered tiles that will not budge even if walked upon. They also create a uniformity in the overall design, enhancing the beauty of the palace.

Though you can move along the roofs, this palace rests quite high in the sky, and if you fall off, you will most definitely die. It's not the surest footing either, so be careful.

Statues or not, they're certainly imposing.

Statues Guard the Court[edit]

The palace tower highlights the inner citadel, and the gate leading to it is guarded by fearsome statues. The statues are fashioned after gods of wind and thunder, the perfect motif for a sky palace, and since they are modeled on Bowser, the ruler of this kingdom, they serves as a warning to foes here and abroad.

Beware rolling ordinance.

Impressive Fortifications[edit]

Surrounding the inner citadel are the second and third courts. The second court is especially fortified, with many cannons to repel invaders. Cannonballs often roll along the ground, and many tourists fall trying to evade them. Legends speak of invaders repelling the cannonballs with spears, but no mere mortal could hope to do this, so try not to get too close!

These statues, called jizo, stand in a row.

An Oasis of Calm[edit]

This elegant garden is a balm for the brutality of this kingdom and will help you forget all the hardships you faced to reach it. You can even buy souvenirs, so be sure you stop by!

SMO Bowser Brochure C.png

The Hole Thing[edit]

All along the walls, these holes were meant to allow defenders to shoot at invaders, but nowadays you're more likely to find a demon or a snake coming out than an arrow.

SMO Bowser Brochure G.png

Three Keys to the Kingdom[edit]

  1. Dart past the silent and lethal Stairface Ogres.
  2. Avoid being distracted by the ominous (yet brightly glowing) clouds.
  3. Survive the various traps designed to end your trip early.


SMO Bowser Brochure Map.png
  • Third Courtyard (Front)
  • Third Courtyard (Rear)
  • Second Courtyard
  • Souvenir Shop
  • Main Courtyard Entrance
  • Main Courtyard
  • Outer Wall
  • Inner Wall
  • Beneath the Keep
  • Showdown Arena

Bonus areas[edit]

  • The Folding Screen
  • The Spinning Tower
  • Hexagon Tower
  • The Wooden Tower



  1. Infiltrate Bowser's Castle!: The goal is to defeat the Stairface Ogre at the rear of the Third Courtyard.
  2. Smart Bombing: The goal is to collect the Moon Shards at the rear of the Second Courtyard.
  3. Big Broodal Battle: The goal is to defeat Topper and Hariet at the entrance to the Main Courtyard.
  4. Showdown at Bowser's Castle: The goal is to defeat RoboBrood at the keep of Bowser's Castle.


There are two paintings in this kingdom. One is located at the left building near the Main Courtyard Entrance's Checkpoint Flag, at the left side of the wall. It takes the player either to the Snow Kingdom Clifftop at the Snow Kingdom or the Diving Platform at the Seaside Kingdom, and it can be accessed after completing the main game.

There is another painting located at the Island in the Sky that can only be reached from a painting in the Cascade Kingdom.

Power Moons[edit]

Main article: List of Power Moons in Bowser's Kingdom
Bowser's Kingdom has red Power Moons.

There are a total of 62 Power Moons in this kingdom. During the player's first visit to this kingdom, they can collect 38 Power Moons. After the player defeats Bowser in the Moon Kingdom, 7 more Power Moons become available to collect, including one from the kingdom's Hint Art and one from using a painting found in the Cascade Kingdom. The Moon Rock will also be available to destroy, causing 17 additional Power Moons to be accessible.

In order to progress to the next kingdom, the player must collect at least 8 Power Moons.

Regional coins[edit]

Bowser Coins.png
Main article: List of regional coins in Bowser's Kingdom

There are a total of 100 regional coins that can be found in Bowser's Kingdom, which take the form of kobans with Bowser's insignia on them.

Starting Area / Odyssey - 4 coins

  • 4 coins: On top of the roof past the entrance door.

Third Courtyard (Front) - 4 coins

  • 4 coins: In plain sight at the end of a roof.

Second Courtyard - 21 coins

  • 4 coins: On the highest roof on the left.
  • 4 coins: Obtained by capturing a Pokio and using it to climb the wall to reach the coins.
  • 3 coins: Near the checkpoint flag.
  • 3 coins: On the top of the roof on the right side.
  • 3 coins: Near a group of Spinies.
  • 4 coins: Obtained by capturing a Pokio and going up and to the back side of the wall where the coins are.

Souvenir Shop - 13 coins

  • 4 coins: After hitting the hidden ? Blocks on the wall on the left side to go up the roof, the coins are found on the edge on the left.
  • 3 coins: Found by capturing a Pokio and using it to climb up the highest roof.
  • 3 coins: Obtained by capturing a Pokio and dropping down a certain point.
  • 3 coins: On the roof of the Crazy Cap shop.

Main Courtyard Entrance - 3 coins

  • 3 coins: On the roof on the right.

Main Courtyard - 12 coins

  • 3 coins: Near the checkpoint flag on the roof, at the lowest point on the right side).
  • 3 coins: Obtained by capturing a Pokio and climbing up the left side of the roof.
  • 3 coins: Obtained by capturing a Pokio and climbing up the middle of the roof.
  • 3 coins: Underwater.

Outer Wall - 10 coins

  • 3 coins: Near the checkpoint flag, obtained by capturing a Pokio and dropping down.
  • 4 coins: Obtained by capturing a Pokio and climbing the wall.
  • 3 coins: Obtained by capturing a Pokio and climbing the wall.

Inner Wall - 6 coins

  • 3 coins:
  • 3 coins:

Beneath the Keep - 24 coins

  • 3 coins: On the floor beneath the left side of the roof. Wall jumping is required to reach them.
  • 3 coins: On the floor beneath the left side of the roof.
  • 3 coins: On the floor beneath the right side of the roof.
  • 3 coins: On the floor beneath the right side of the roof. They are reached by capturing a Pokio and using it to climb the wall.
  • 3 coins: Under the bridge, obtained by capturing the Lakitu on the right side.
  • 3 coins: Found on the other side via the Sparked Pylon.
  • 3 coins: Found on the other side via the Sparked Pylon, under the roof to the left of the golden Bowser statue.
  • 3 coins: At the northwest corner, reachable using Lakitu.

Showdown Arena - 3 coins

  • 3 coins: In plain sight, up the flag.


Names in other languages[edit]

Bowser's Kingdom[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クッパの国
Kuppa no kuni
Bowser's Country
Spanish Reino de Bowser Bowser's Kingdom
French Pays de Bowser Bowser's Country
Dutch Bowsers rijk Bowser's Realm
German Bowsers Land Bowser's Country
Italian Regno di Bowser Bowser's Kingdom
Russian Царство Боузера
Tsarstvo Bouzera
Bowser Kingdom
Chinese 酷霸王之国 (Simplified)
Kùbàwáng zhī Guó
庫巴國 (Traditional)
Kùbā Guó
Bowser's Country

Bowser Kingdom

Bowser's Castle[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クッパ城
Bowser Castle
Spanish Castillo de Bowser Bowser's Castle
French Château de Bowser Bowser's Castle
Dutch Bowsers kasteel Bowser's Castle
German Bowsers Festung Bowser's Fortress
Italian Castello di Bowser Bowser's Castle
Russian Замок Боузера
Zamok Bouzera
Bowser Castle
Chinese 酷霸王城堡 (Simplified)
Kùbàwáng Chéngbǎo
庫巴城堡 (Traditional)
Kùbā Chéngbǎo
Bowser Castle


  • Many ornaments strewn throughout the kingdom, such as the nobori and the chōchin, contain the kanji 寿 (Kotobuki), which means "long life". Some chōchin additionally contain the compound 空覇 (can also be read as Kuppa, Bowser’s Japanese name), literally meaning "celestial supremacy". Put together, the kanji translates as "Long live King Bowser!"
  • The kingdom's industry (hanafuda cards) may be a reference to Nintendo's origins as a card company.
  • The Bowser statues seen during the boss battles against Topper and Hariet are based on the Japanese gods Fujin, the god of winds, and Raijin, the god of thunder, respectively.