Multi Moon Atop the Falls

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Multi Moon Atop the Falls
The second Power Moon of the Cascade Kingdom.
Location Cascade Kingdom
Mission # 2
Game Super Mario Odyssey
Boss(es) Madame Broode
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Multi Moon Atop the Falls is the second and final story mission of the Cascade Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey. The mission's objective is to defeat Madame Broode.


The mission begins moments after the previous mission, to the point where Mario and Cappy discover the old and rusted Odyssey. They attempt to power it up, only to find that they need something equal to three more Power Moons. Mario must then travel up a level, where Chain Chomps and a Big Chain Chomp reside, as well as a T-Rex overlooking them. Mario must capture the T-Rex to smash through the Rock Block enclosure or do the same thing with the Big Chain Chomp, then continue along the Stone Bridge past a blockade of Burrbos. Mario must then capture the next Big Chain Chomp to destroy some rocks and enter an 8-bit section with Goombas. After smashing some Brick Blocks and making it to the top, Mario will exit the 8-bit section and end up in Fossil Falls Heights, where he must capture a Chain Chomp to send it towards the Rock Blocks blocking the path, then proceed and encounter Madame Broode. Upon defeating her, Mario will obtain the Multi Moon.

Areas visited[edit]

  • Odyssey resting spot
  • Stone Bridge
  • Fossil Falls Heights


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 滝の上の グランドムーン
Taki no Ue no Gurando Mūn
Multi Moon on Top of the Waterfall
Chinese (Simplified) 瀑布上的崇高之月
Pùbù shàng de chónggāo zhī yuè
Multi Moon on Top of the Waterfall
Chinese (Traditional) 瀑布上面的光榮之月
Pùbù shàngmiàn de guāngróng zhī yuè
Multi Moon on Top of the Waterfall
Dutch Multimaan op de top Multi Moon on the top
French Multilune en haut de la cascade Multi Moon on top of the waterfall
German Multimond hoch über dem Wasserfall Multi Moon high over the Waterfall
Italian La multiluna in cima alle cascate The Multi Moon on op of the waterfall
Russian Мультилуна на водопаде
Mul'tiluna na vodopade
Multi Moon on the Waterfall
Spanish Multiluna sobre la catarata Multi Moon on the Waterfall