Atop the Highest Tower

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Atop the Highest Tower
The first Power Moon of the Sand Kingdom.
Location Sand Kingdom
Mission # 1
Game Super Mario Odyssey
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Atop the Highest Tower is the first story mission of the Sand Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey. The mission's objective is to collect the first Power Moon in the kingdom.


The mission begins with Mario disembarking from the Odyssey. As he reaches the entrance to Tostarena Ruins, he will encounter small hordes of Mini Goombas, then reach some Bullet Bills; Mario can capture one to reach the next area, full of stone blocks, hex platforms, and more Bullet Bills. Mario must head to a platform immediately above and follow the Sand Geysers to an 8-bit section with more Bullet Bills. Afterwards, Mario must capture another Bullet Bill to reach the circular tower, then enter another 8-bit section with Bullet Bills to reach the top and grab the Power Moon.

Areas visited[edit]

  • Tostarena Town
  • Tostarena Ruins Entrance
  • Tostarena Ruins Sand Pillar
  • Tostarena Ruins Round Tower


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アッチーニャ遺跡の塔の上
Acchīnya Iseki no Tō no Ue
On Top of Tostarena Ruins' Tower
Chinese (Simplified) 阿炽尼亚遗迹之塔上
Āchìníyǎ yíjì zhī tǎ shàng
On Top of Tostarena Ruins' Tower
Chinese (Traditional) 阿熾尼亞遺跡之塔上
Āchìníyǎ yíjì zhī tǎ shàng
On Top of Tostarena Ruins' Tower
German Oben auf dem Ruinenturm On top of the Ruins' Tower
Italian In cima alla torre On the top of the tower
Spanish Sobre la torre más alta On the Highest Tower