Cappy of the Cap Kingdom

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Cappy of the Cap Kingdom
Mario meets Cappy
Location Cap Kingdom
Mission # 1
Game Super Mario Odyssey
Boss(es) Topper
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Cappy of the Cap Kingdom is the prologue of Super Mario Odyssey and takes place in the Mushroom and Cap Kingdoms. The mission's objectives are to form an alliance with Cappy, defeat Topper and find a way to get to the Cascade Kingdom.


After the crash landing succeeding Mario's fight with Bowser, Cappy finds Mario and attempts to wake him up. When Mario jumps up, he runs in fear. After going past two Bonneters, Cappy stops fleeing and talks to Mario, explaining that he has landed in the Cap Kingdom. He says that his kingdom was also attacked by the same monster that attacked Mario, and that his little sister, Tiara, was kidnapped by him. Sharing a common goal, Cappy joins Mario, allowing him to perform all hat-related moves.

Mario meets Cappy.

In the main section of Bonneton, there are several wooden posts that can be pulled out using Cappy, many of which reveal several coins. Past the airships is a switch which Cappy can flip, and a bridge will then rise from the clouds granting access to the tower. Four Mini Goombas are in front of the entrance. Inside the tower, there is a pond and some frogs, which serve as the tutorial for the capture mechanic. There are several tall ledges with ponds that can only be scaled by capturing a frog, ones of which has several Mini-Goombas. Additionally, there are several points at which Mario can reach several coin rings using a frog. At the top there is another door, along with a hidden Life-Up Heart. The leads outside where there are more wrecked airships, and a hill leading to the top. Upon scaling the hill, Mario is introduced to the Broodals, and must fight Topper. After two hits, Topper is defeated and a spark pylon leading to the Cascade Kingdom appears. The mission ends after capturing the spark pylon.

Other objectives[edit]

The mission's name on the brochure screen changes to the following objectives at certain points during the mission:

  • To the Top of Top-Hat Tower, after Cappy joins Mario
  • The Kingdom Next Door, after defeating Topper


Names in other languages[edit]

Cappy of the Cap Kingdom
Language Name Meaning
Japanese 帽子の国の キャッピー
Bōshi no Kuni no Kyappī
Cappy of the Cap Kingdom
Chinese (Simplified) 帽子国的凯皮
Màozi guó de Kǎipí
Cappy of the Cap Kingdom
Chinese (Traditional) 帽子國的凱比
Màozi guó de Kǎibǐ
Cappy of the Cap Kingdom
Italian Cappy nel Regno del Cappello Cappy of the Cap Kingdom
Spanish (NOE) Cappy del Reino Sombrero Cappy of the Cap Kingdom
To the Top of Top-Hat Tower
Language Name Meaning
Japanese 帽子の塔の頂上へ
Bōshi no Tō no Chōjō e
To the Top of Top-Hat Tower
Chinese (Simplified) 前往帽子塔的塔顶
Qiánwǎng màozi tǎ de tǎ dǐng
To the Top of Top-Hat Tower
Chinese (Traditional) 前往帽子之塔的塔頂
Qiánwǎng màozi zhī tǎ de tǎ dǐng
To the Top of Top-Hat Tower
German Zur Spitze des Hutturms To the Top of the Hat Tower
Italian In cima alla Torre Cappello To the Top of the Hat Tower
The Kingdom Next Door
Language Name Meaning
Japanese 隣の国へ
Tonari no Kuni e
To the Neighbor Country
Chinese (Simplified) 前往邻国
Qiánwǎng lín guó
To the Neighbor Country
Chinese (Traditional) 前往鄰國
Qiánwǎng lín guó
To the Neighbor Country
Italian Il Regno vicino The neighboring Kingdom
Spanish (NOE) Hacia el próximo reino To the Next Kingdom