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This article is about the kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey. For the kingdom in The Super Mario Bros. Movie, see Snow Kingdom (The Super Mario Bros. Movie).
Snow Kingdom
Artwork of the Snow Kingdom from Super Mario Odyssey
Boss(es) Rango
Mission(s) The Cake Thief's Parting Gift
The Bound Bowl Grand Prix
Power Moons 57
Regional coins 50

The Snow Kingdom is a region featured in Super Mario Odyssey, and can either be the ninth or tenth location visited, depending on if the player selects to go here or to the Seaside Kingdom after leaving the Metro Kingdom. It is the greater location of Shiveria, a snowy area containing a small town under the surface. When Mario first visits this kingdom, there is a blizzard occurring outside the town area, and the entrance to the Bound Bowl Grand Prix race area is blocked off by four barriers. Mario must help the Shiverians open the entrance to the race area by collecting the four Power Moons located in the rooms around the race area's entrance. Once Mario collects all four of these Power Moons, the race area opens up, allowing Mario and the Shiverians to enter. Upon entering the race area, the player discovers that one of the racers is still in the waiting room. Mario goes to find the racer and captures him, allowing the player themselves to participate in the Bound Bowl Grand Prix race. If Mario successfully gets first place in the race, he will receive a Multi Moon, which (when collected) restores the Snow Kingdom to its former glory, getting rid of the blizzard outside the town, allowing the Shiverians to race on their race course peacefully and granting access to more Power Moons. Once Mario collects enough Power Moons, he can access the next kingdom - either the Seaside Kingdom (if the player has not visited it yet) or the Luncheon Kingdom (if both the Seaside and Snow Kingdoms have been visited).

This location is based off of Russia, specifically the icy cold areas of Siberia. This is evidenced by the name (Shiveria), the nesting dolls on sale at the local Crazy Cap, and by the locals performing the Hopak. The town of Shiveria also seems to draw inspiration from Scandinavia, as the locals here resemble harp seals in knitwear and live in wooden Scandinavian-style housing.

Brochure details[edit]

SMO Snow Brochure Art.png Snow Kingdom
"Bedrock Community, Blanketed in Snow"
"The warmest community in the coldest land."
Population Middling Size Deep, Wide
Locals Shiverians Currency Snowflake-shaped
Industry Cakes, Racing Temperature Average 14°F (-10°C)
Blizzard conditions can reduce visibility.

A Frozen Land

The Snow Kingdom is a world of ice and snow that freezes the body but dazzles the eyes. Stay alert, though—one bad step can drop you into the dangerously frigid sea. Despite the cold, the town of Shiveria is famous for its warm hospitality, and on clear days, the view can't be matched.

Come and sit by their fire.

A Warm Community

Shiveria is a huge excavated settlement beneath the ice. It's warmer here than up above, but you'll want to bundle up all the same.

Despite the cold, the cheerful Shiverians will thaw any traveller's frozen heart. And if you visit the center square, you'll see the fiery passion the Shiverians have for their traditional races. Take one look at the screens showing the action, and you'll be caught up in the excitement too!

The racing course extends from the plaza.

Bound Bowl Grand Prix

THE sporting event is the Bound Bowl Grand Prix. Only Shiverians are allowed to participate, but when you watch a race, you'll understand why no one else COULD participate. Only Shiverian sturdiness could survive a race based on bounding violently through the course and crashing into one another. Be sure to see it if you get a chance!

The rare and exquisite Frost-Frosted Cake.

Icing and Racing

Beyond racing, Shiverians are known for elaborate baked goods. Especially renowned is the Frost-Frosted Cake, which is very popular at weddings. By tradition, only the Shiverian Elder is allowed to make this extraordinary confection. What's more, they are specifically created as the grand prize for the Bound Bowl Grand Prix, so the only way to get one is to convince the winner to let you have it.

A bitefrost can move directly through ice.

Crevasse Menace

Lurking in the local crevasses you may find a Bitefrost. These creatures move through the ice under their prey, then thrust upward, chomping. Caution (and jumping ability) is advised.

SMO Snow Brochure C.png

Some Animals Brave the Cold

When the weather is clear, you might spot a few animals making the best of the cold. Be sure to keep an eye out!

SMO Snow Brochure G.png

Three Keys to the Kingdom

  1. Swim only in short bursts if you like being warm enough to stay alive.
  2. Dig for the gate to the town, which is frequently buried in the snow.
  3. Bound your way through a race (build and species permitting).


SMO Snow Brochure Map.png

Checkpoint Flag locations[edit]


SMO Snow Moon 38.png
Main article: Odyssey

The Odyssey lands on a clifftop in the southwest corner of the kingdom. Hint Toad and Uncle amiibo are nearby. After activating the Moon Rock, a Power Moon can be found floating next to the Odyssey.

Above the Ice Well[edit]

A group of two Regional Coins in the Snow Kingdom.

This Checkpoint Flag is next to the hole that leads to Shiveria Town. In the area surrounding the hole is a frozen seed and Ty-foo guarding a Moon Shard. Mario can climb up the ledges of an ice pillar and jump to the one on the other side to find a Power Moon buried beneath it.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
German Über dem Eisbrunnen
Above The Ice Spring

Corner of the Freezing Sea[edit]

The twenty-second Power Moon of the Snow Kingdom.

This Checkpoint Flag is on the northeast corner of the kingdom in next to the door that leads to the Koopa Trace-Walking minigame. Iceburn Circuit is nearby, but cannot be entered until the Moon Rock is activated.

Snow Kingdom Clifftop[edit]

SMO Snow Moon 33.png

Southwest of the Odyssey's landing site is a small snowy platform jutting out of the cliffside where a treasure chest containing Power Moon #33, "Secret Path to Shiveria!", can be found. It can be accessed via a painting leading to the Snow Kingdom. Where the painting is found depends on what order the kingdoms are visited in. If the player visits the Snow Kingdom before the Seaside Kingdom, then the painting can be found between some trees near the Odyssey in the Mushroom Kingdom. If the player visits the Snow Kingdom after the Seaside Kingdom, then the painting can be found behind the left building at the Main Courtyard Entrance in Bowser's Kingdom. Though the clifftop is intended to only be accessible via painting or Checkpoint Flag, it is possible to reach it by jumping from the roof of the Odyssey using a specific sequence of movements.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 雪の国 ガケの上
Yuki no Kuni Gake no Ue
Snow Kingdom Clifftop

German Polarland - Klippenspitze
Snow Kingdom Clifftop
Spanish (NOE) Cima del acantilado del Reino del Hielo
Snow Kingdom Clifftop

Bonus areas[edit]

Bonus area Accessed via Location Description
SMO Snow Moon 50.png
Trace-Walking Cave
Red door In front of the Corner of the Freezing Sea Checkpoint Flag A small ice cave where Mario can participate in a Koopa Trace-Walking minigame.
The bonus area with the freezing water course in Super Mario Odyssey
Freezing Water Path
Red door On the small island at the west end of the kingdom An area mostly composed of a river of cold water, along which Mario must run across by collecting as many Rocket Flowers as possible without falling in and colliding into any Moonsnakes along the way.
The bonus area with moving bodies of freezing water in Super Mario Odyssey
Freezing Water Cave
Blue door At the base of the iceberg with the beanstalk dirt patch A cave-like area filled with bodies of cold water, both moving and stationary, as well as several Goombas which Mario must cross. Mario cannot use Cappy in this area.
The wooden block bonus area in Super Mario Odyssey
Wooden Block Area
Red door At the base of the iceberg with the Odyssey A small room where Mario must capture a Ty-foo and use it to blow two large wooden structures to their correct positions, forming a staircase to a Power Moon. The door leading to this area is obscured by a wooden block that can be blown out of the way as a Ty-foo.
The Cold Room in Super Mario Odyssey
The Cold Room
Locked door guarded by a Shiverian On the upper floor to the right of the race course entrance in Shiveria Town A small, cylindrical room with an 8-bit, wraparound segment containing many Spinies, which can be defeated with the nearby Koopa Troopa's shell. Mario can only access this area by talking to the Shiverian while wearing his snow set.
The thirty-second Power Moon of the Snow Kingdom.
Sky Tornado Area
Beanstalk At the end of the path from the Odyssey A sky area featuring Hat Trampolines and updrafts. A seed is required to grow the beanstalk leading to this area, which can be found frozen on the raised, snowy platform near Shiveria Town's entrance.
SMO Snow Moon 52.png
Iceburn Circuit
Open doorway At the kingdom's northeastern corner Another race course where Mario can participate in the Bound Bowl Grand Prix. The doorway leading to the circuit is obscured by the kingdom's Moon Rock, which must be broken before Mario can enter.
SMO Snow Moon 54.png
The Flower Road
Moon Pipe On a mound northeast of the island leading to Shiveria Town An area featuring icebergs over a sea of Poisoned Water, which Mario must cross using flower bridges without the use of Cappy, all while avoiding the Moonsnakes and Banzai Bills.


Enemies marked with an asterisk (*) are only found in bonus areas.


  1. The Cake Thief's Parting Gift: The goal is to open all four barriers blocking the entrance to the Snowline Circuit, along with defeating Rango.
  2. The Bound Bowl Grand Prix: The goal is to rank first place in the Snowline Circuit Bound Bowl Grand Prix.


Snow Painting.png
The painting that leads to the Wooded Kingdom
Snow Painting Alt.png
The painting that leads to the Cascade Kingdom

There are two paintings in this kingdom. One can be accessed by capturing a Ty-foo and taking it to where a wood piece is. With the Ty-foo, the wood piece must be blown up until it touches a snow wall. Then, Mario must un-capture it and go to the painting. It takes the player either to the Iron Cage at the Wooded Kingdom, the Island in the Sky at the Cascade Kingdom, or the Viewing Balcony in the Lake Kingdom. It can only be accessed after collecting the The Bound Bowl Grand Prix Multi Moon.

The other painting can only be accessed, by normal means, from a painting in either Bowser's Kingdom or the Mushroom Kingdom.

Power Moons[edit]

A Power Moon in Super Mario Odyssey
The Snow Kingdom has orange Power Moons.
Main article: List of Power Moons in the Snow Kingdom

There are a total of 57 Power Moons (54 regular Power Moons and 1 Multi Moon) in the Snow Kingdom. During the player's first visit to this kingdom, they can collect 32 Power Moons and the Multi Moon, including one from the kingdom's Hint Art. The player can also collect a Power Moon if they travel to this kingdom using a painting found in a future kingdom (either the Mushroom or Bowser's Kingdom). After the player defeats Bowser in the Moon Kingdom, 3 more Power Moons become available to collect. The Moon Rock will also be available to destroy, causing 18 additional Power Moons to be accessible.

In order to progress to the next kingdom, the player must collect at least 10 Power Moons.

Regional coins[edit]

SMO Snow Regional Coin Screenshot.png
Main article: List of regional coins in the Snow Kingdom

The Snow Kingdom contains 50 regional coins, which take the form of snowflakes.

Crazy Cap items[edit]

Item Description Price Note
The Snow Hood icon.
Snow Hood
A down hood that keeps the cold from making you bitter. Regional coin from the Snow Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey 5 Required for "Moon Shards in the Cold Room" and "Slip Behind the Ice"
The Snow Suit icon.
Snow Suit
After decades of ice levels, FINALLY a good, warm jacket. Regional coin from the Snow Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey 10 Required for "Moon Shards in the Cold Room" and "Slip Behind the Ice"
The Shiverian Rug souvenir icon.
Shiverian Rug
Featuring the same patterns as those found on Shiverian clothing, this rug is great for keeping warm from the toes on up! Regional coin from the Snow Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey 5 N/A
The Shiverian Nesting Dolls souvenir icon.
Shiverian Nesting Dolls
Open one of these folk-art dolls, and another Shiverian pops out! It's hard to tell them apart, but they're based on winners of past races. Regional coin from the Snow Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey 25 N/A
The Snow Kingdom Sticker souvenir icon.
Snow Kingdom Sticker
A sticker inspired by the Bound Bowl Grand Prix. Regional coin from the Snow Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey 5 N/A
A Power Moon in Super Mario Odyssey
Snow Kingdom Power Moon
A Power Moon that was dug out of Shiveria's snow fields. SMO coin.png 100 N/A


Names in other languages[edit]

Snow Kingdom[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 雪の国[1]
Yuki no Kuni
Snow Country

Chinese 雪之国 (Simplified)
雪之國 (Traditional)
Xuě zhī guó
Snow Country

Dutch Sneeuwrijk
Snow Realm
French Pays des Neiges
Snow Country
German Polarland
Polar Country
Italian Regno delle Nevi
Snow Kingdom
Korean 눈 왕국
Nun Wangguk
Snow Kingdom

Russian Снежное царство
Snezhnoye tsarstvo
Snow Kingdom

Spanish Reino del Hielo
Ice Kingdom


Language Name Meaning
Japanese パウダーボウル[1]

Chinese 帕达博乌尔 (Simplified)
帕達博爾 (Traditional)

Transliteration of the Japanese name

Dutch Bibberië
From bibberen ("to tremble") and Siberië ("Siberia")
French Flocons-en-Flonflonnie
Common format for town names; from flocon ("snowflake") and flonflon ("Shiverian")
German Schlotterkomben
From schlottern ("to shudder") and Katakomben ("catacombs")
Italian Ibernia
From ibernare ("to hibernate") and -ia (Italian suffix used for forming place names)
Korean 파우더볼
Transliteration of the Japanese name

Russian Озябск
From озябнуть (ozyabnut, "to get cold") and -ск (-sk, a suffix used for creating place names)

Spanish Friolandia
From frío ("cold") and -landia ("-land")


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