Peronza Plaza

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Peronza Plaza
SMO Luncheon Moon 50.png
First appearance Super Mario Odyssey (2017)
Greater location Luncheon Kingdom
“Welcome! Head to Peronza Plaza for our Cooking Carnival!”
Volbonan, Super Mario Odyssey

Peronza Plaza is a town in the Luncheon Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey. It is located in front of the arena of the mission The Broodals Are After Some Cookin'.

It is a small town that is filled with salt and oversized food, mainly inhabited by Volbonans; other visitors often come for the Cooking Carnival, where the town is decked out with bowls of Stupendous Stew. At the entrance of the town is a Checkpoint Flag, a pair of Binoculars and oversized food which leads to the other half of the town; this half contains the kingdom's Crazy Cap store, and a second building which requires the player to wear the Chef Hat and Chef Suit to enter, and contains a secret area with an abundance of Magmatos. In front of the buildings is a pot of stew which will give the player Power Moons if the player throws golden turnips into the pot, and coins if regular turnips or beans are thrown in; three turnips, one of which is golden, can be found to the right of the Crazy Cap. In-between the two buildings is a stack of crates, one of which contains a Power Moon that is released when broken.

After the main game is beaten, a Steam Gardener appears behind the plaza and will give the player a Power Moon if the player talks to it with the Mechanic Cap and the Mechanic Outfit. Peach and Tiara can also be found next to the pot of stew and will give Mario a Power Moon when spoken to.

The mission Find Band Members in the Luncheon Kingdom! in the game's "Playing in VR" mode takes place in Peronza Plaza.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ペロンツァ広場
Perontsa Hiroba
Peronza Square

German Schlemmerplatz
Gourmad Plaza
Italian Piazza Golosina
Gluttony Plaza
Russian Площадь Перонца
Ploschad' Perontsa
Peronza Square

Spanish (NOA) Plaza Pera
Pear Square
Spanish (NOE) Plaza Ricorrico
Yummy-Yummy Square