Bowser's Moon Wedding

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Bowser's Moon Wedding
Bowser's Fire Breath in Super Mario Odyssey
Location Moon Kingdom
Mission # 1
Game Super Mario Odyssey
Boss(es) Madame Broode, Bowser
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“Gwahahaha! Crashing the wedding, Mario? That's tacky, even for you! Also, your outfit isn't halfway fancy enough for the occasion! Not that it matters, since you WEREN'T INVITED! So now it's time for you to make like a bouquet and get thrown out!”
Bowser, Super Mario Odyssey

Bowser's Moon Wedding is the sole story mission of the Moon Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey, and the final story mission in the main game. The mission's objective is to reach the Wedding Hall and defeat Bowser for the final time.


The mission begins at the Odyssey, and Mario must make his way through the moon's surface with lowered gravity, to reach a hole in the Quiet Wall which will take him to the Underground Moon Caverns. There, he must make his way through the caverns' dangerous enemies and obstacles.

By first dropping onto a platform below, Mario must capture a nearby Parabones to fly over the next set of platforms, where he must capture a Sherm to destroy a steel cage protecting a spark pylon. Alternatively, Mario can stand in front of the cage and have the Sherm aim and shoot at him; when it shoots, the player should move out of the way and let the bullet destroy the cage. After reaching the next section, Mario must activate the nearby ground-pound switch to make a platform advance, and capture a Hammer Bro to destroy the dirt walls in his way. The next section is similar, except Mario must capture a Tropical Wiggler to go around a large fence. Mario must then capture a Banzai Bill to cross a large lava pit, destroying breakable blocks on his way. Then, Mario must activate another ground-pound switch to make invisible platforms appear, and quickly cross them with the aid of a Moe-Eye. The next section has boulders roll down narrow bridges, preventing Mario from ascending further on his own. To cross them, he must capture a Chargin' Chuck to charge through the boulders safely and make his way to another spark pylon. Mario then reaches the cavern's exit, which is blocked by Madame Broode, who challenges Mario to another battle. After defeating her, the way out of the caverns is cleared, and Mario may proceed.

Mario must then reach and enter the Wedding Hall, and open the door to the room where Bowser is trying to force Princess Peach into marrying him. Bowser activates a trap door which causes Mario and Cappy to fall to the caverns below, initiating the final battle. After Bowser is defeated, the underground caverns start to crumble, causing Mario, Cappy, Princess Peach and Tiara to fall further down and blocking their way out. In order to escape, Mario must capture an unconscious Bowser to destroy the blocks standing in the heroes' way, and escape the caverns while avoiding falling Moon Rocks and crossing crumbling paths. After destroying a large Moon Rock wall, the heroes reach a room with a large structure in the center, and four moon pillars in the corners. Mario must use Bowser's strength to destroy the base of the pillars, causing them to fall onto the structure in the middle to weaken it. After all pillars have fallen, a large Moon Rock is revealed, which must be destroyed to uncover a spark pylon. The heroes take the spark pylon out of the cave, triggering the game's ending cinematic.

Areas visited[edit]

  • Ringing-Bells Plateau
  • Quiet Wall
  • Underground Moon Caverns
  • Wedding Hall

Enemies and obstacles[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 決戦!クッパのムーンウェディング
Kessen! Kuppa no Mūn Wedingu
Decisive Battle! Bowser's Moon Wedding

French Lune de Fiel au Mariage de Bowser
Italian Nozze lunari di Bowser
Bowser's moon wedding
Spanish (NOE) La boda satélite de Bowser
Bowser's Satellite Wedding


  • When Mario captures Bowser, several screenshots float across the screen, depicting Mario and Bowser battling from Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, and Super Mario World, followed by artwork of Mario swinging Bowser by the tail used for Super Mario 64, before showing several screenshots from Super Mario Odyssey's earlier cutscenes.
  • If Mario returns to the Underground Moon Caverns, Madame Broode will immediately respawn, allowing Mario to battle her again.