The Cake Thief's Parting Gift

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The Cake Thief's Parting Gift
SMO Snow Kingdom Moon 1.png
Location Snow Kingdom
Mission # 1
Game Super Mario Odyssey
Boss(es) Rango
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The Cake Thief's Parting Gift is the first story mission of the Snow Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey. The goal is to open the four barriers blocking the entrance to the Snowline Circuit.


The mission begins at the Odyssey in a snow storm, where Mario must go down to some thick snow and discover a hole. He will then drop down into Shiveria Town. At the end of the room, are four barriers with the symbol of Bowser on them; as well as four corridors with a room at the end of each one. Mario must collect the Power Moon to remove the barriers granting access to Snowline Circuit. The first sequence entitled Icicle Cavern has an icy path with Goombas and falling icicles. Some parts of the path are thin, which only Goombas are safe to cross with. A large icicle at the end must be dropped using three icicles to brake it free. The second sequence known as Hollow Crevasse contains a thin-layered snow path with Bitefrosts coming up from the ground. Mario must collect the five Moon Shards to collect the Power Moon. The third sequence, Wind-Chill Cavern, has a narrow snowy path, poison water with Ty-foos and Spinies. The Ty-foos can be captured to move blocks around. The fourth sequence, Snowy Mountain, has thick snow with a small mountain on which Mario must defeat Rango to receive the Moon.

Areas visited[edit]

  • Shiveria Town
  • Icicle Cavern
  • Hollow Crevasse
  • Wind-Chill Cavern
  • Snowy Mountain

Power Moons obtained[edit]

  • The Icicle Barrier: Found at the end of the Icicle Cavern.
  • The Ice Wall Barrier: Found at the end of the Hollow Crevasse.
  • The Gusty Barrier: Found at the end of the Wind-Chill Cavern.
  • The Snowy Mountain Barrier: Found on top of Snowy Mountain after defeating Rango.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ケーキ泥棒の置き土産
Kēki Dorobō no Okimiyage
The Cake Thief's Parting Gift

Power Moons[edit]

The Icicle Barrier
Language Name Meaning
Japanese ツララの関門
Tsurara no Kanmon
The Icicle Barrier
Chinese 冰柱关卡 (Simplified)
冰柱關卡 (Traditional)
Bīng zhù guānkǎ
The Icicle Barrier
The Ice Wall Barrier
Language Name Meaning
Japanese 氷壁の関門
Hyōheki no Kanmon
The Ice Wall Barrier
Chinese 冰墙关卡 (Simplified)
冰牆關卡 (Traditional)
Bīng qiáng guānkǎ
The Ice Wall Barrier
The Gusty Barrier
Language Name Meaning
Japanese 突風の関門
Toppū no Kanmon
The Gusty Barrier
Chinese 阵风关卡 (Simplified)
陣風關卡 (Traditional)
Zhènfēng guānkǎ
The Gusty Barrier
The Snowy Mountain Barrier
Language Name Meaning
Japanese 雪山の関門
Yukiyama no Kanmon
The Snowy Mountain Barrier
Chinese 雪山关卡 (Simplified)
雪山關卡 (Traditional)
Xuěshān guānkǎ
The Snowy Mountain Barrier