Frost-Frosted Cake

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The Frost-Frosted Cake

The Frost-Frosted Cake is a cake made by the Shiverians of the Snow Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey. The cake is very popular at weddings by tradition as told in the Snow Kingdom's brochure. It is the kingdom's first-place prize for the Bound Bowl Grand Prix. Only the Shiverian Elder can make the Frost-Frosted Cake. Its name is a pun on the two meanings of the word "frost".

During the events of the game, the cake is stolen by Bowser and the Broodals as a wedding cake for Princess Peach's forced marriage to the Koopa king. After Mario defeats Bowser in the Moon Kingdom, the Frost-Frosted Cake is the only wedding item that does not return to its original location.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 純白のケーキ
Junpaku no Kēki
Snow-White Cake
French Délice de neige Snow delight
German Zuckergusstorte Frosting cake
Italian Torta fiordineve Snow Flower Cake
Russian Снежно-нежный торт
Snezhno-nezhnyi tort
Snowy-tender cake
Spanish (NOA) Pastel Niveo Snowy Cake
Spanish (NOE) Tarta nevada Snow Cake