Desert Wanderer

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The Desert Wanderer in New Donk City.
The Desert Wanderer beside a taxi
“I love home. Nowhere nicer! Nowhere friendlier! But great to bump into you everywhere. So here—a gift.”
Desert Wanderer, Super Mario Odyssey

The Desert Wanderer is a recurring Tostarenan tourist found in Super Mario Odyssey. He can be first seen near the entrance to Tostarena Town in the Sand Kingdom waiting for a taxi, which is revealed to be frozen in ice near the Inverted Pyramid. At this point, riding a Jaxi near him will make him say, "I didn't call a Jaxi..." After Knucklotec's defeat, the taxi has thawed, and the Desert Wanderer asks his driver, a New Donker, referred to as the Taxi Driver, to take him to the Metro Kingdom.

After meeting him in the Sand Kingdom, the Desert Wanderer can be successively found in the Metro Kingdom, Cascade Kingdom, Luncheon Kingdom, Moon Kingdom and Mushroom Kingdom before finally deciding to return home. Once Mario meets him and the taxi driver in a kingdom, he will be presented with a Power Moon, and the wanderer will ask the driver to take him to a new location (except when he is in the Mushroom Kingdom, where he wishes to go back to the Sand Kingdom) based on what the driver can match to his description.

Power Moons[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Giramondo tostalandese Tostarenan wanderer
Russian Пустынный турист
Pustynnyi turist
Desert Tourist