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Artwork of Rango from Super Mario Odyssey
Species Rabbit
First appearance Super Mario Odyssey (2017)
Latest appearance Minecraft (Bedrock version)
(Village & Pillage) (2019)
Portrayed by Go Shinomiya
“Ahyuh hyuh hyuh! Yer too late! We already got the Lochlady Dress. And it even matches the boss's tuxedo. So no WAY we're givin' it back!”
Rango, Super Mario Odyssey

Rango is a tall and lanky member of the Broodals in orange pants, a white button shirt, red bow tie, and indigo suspenders, as well as a yellow hat. He acts as the group's bouncer, and is first fought in the Lake Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey.

Rango attacks by throwing his hat like a boomerang (from which his name is derived), which resembles a Grinder. Mario must throw Cappy at it to flip it over, then bounce on it to land on Rango (who puts his hands on his head), as he is too tall to stomp with a normal jump. Rango will then withdraw halfway into his hat and hop in pursuit of Mario, resuming his hat-throwing pattern after a while or if Mario stomps on the hat. Mario must then repeat the process three times to defeat Rango.

He is fought again in the Snow Kingdom. He says that he has taken the Frost-Frosted Cake and believes it will please Bowser. In this fight, he throws two hats instead of one and the arena is icy. Rango is also found as one of RoboBrood's pilots in Bowser's Kingdom.

Rango is encountered for the final time at Dark Side. He expresses his anger at Mario for stopping Bowser's wedding, as no one will hire the Broodals anymore due to their failure. The fight is the same as the previous one, but because of the lighter gravity in the Moon Kingdom, Rango's hops go higher and further than usual, but it also lets Mario jump on him without Cappy. Rango also once again pilots RoboBrood during its second fight at Dark Side.

As of June 27, 2018, the player can purchase a costume at the Crazy Cap shop based on Rango.

Rango also appears in the Super Mario Mash-up of Minecraft, replacing Pillagers. He is the only member of the Broodals to appear in the game.

Concept and creation[edit]

Concept art of Rango.

Rango was designed tall enough that the player could enjoy using the "cap" as a trampoline to hit him.[1]

Dark Side brochure information[edit]

Rango, the Bouncer

Best hat-handler on the team.

He's not the most focused, but Rango is a valuable player on the Broodals team, always coming through in the end. A master of his boomeranging trampoline hat, he can throw it both straight and curved with almost unnatural control over the way it flies. On the other hand, he sometimes zones out a bit and looks confused. That's your chance to counterattack![2][dead link]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ランゴ
Chinese 朗格
German Rango -
Russian Ранго


  • When hiding under his hat, Rango greatly resembles both a Spiky Topman and Topmaniac.
  • Based on some of his speech mannerisms (e.g. pronouncing "you're" as "yer") and "hyuk" laugh, he seems to speak with a Southern drawl, similar to Disney's cartoon character Goofy. His droopy ears and jowls also resemble Goofy's.