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Uncle amiibo
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First appearance Super Mario Odyssey (2017)
“If you ever want to use amiibo, you just let me know, sport.”
Uncle amiibo, Super Mario Odyssey

Uncle amiibo is a sapient robotic character who debuts in Super Mario Odyssey. He travels with Hint Toad and provides exclusive abilities for amiibo in the game. He is always found near Odyssey's landing ground. He provides the locations of the Power Moons that the amiibo find, or provides a costume if certain amiibo are scanned. After using an amiibo to find a Power Moon, Mario must wait five minutes to retrieve the hint.

Mario is able to stand on Uncle amiibo just as on a platform, instead of bouncing on him repeatedly as it happens when Mario jumps on any other character.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese amiiboおじさん
amiibo Ojisan
Uncle/old man amiibo
Spanish Señor amiibo Mister amiibo
French Oncle amiibo Uncle amiibo
Dutch Meneer amiibo Mister amiibo
German Onkel amiibo Uncle amiibo
Italian Nonno amiibo Grandfather amiibo
Russian Дядюшка amiibo
Dyadyushka amiibo
Little uncle amiibo
Korean amiibo 삼촌
amiibo Samchon
Uncle amiibo
Chinese amiibo大叔 (Simplified)
amiibo dàshū
amiibo叔叔 (Traditional)
amiibo shūshu
Uncle amiibo


  • If the player uses an amiibo that the game does not recognize, such as third-party characters or amiibo released after Super Mario Odyssey, Uncle amiibo will simply refer to it as "a good ol' lovely amiibo."
    • If multiple unknown amiibo are looking for hints at the same time, the subsequent ones will instead be labeled "cool" and "mysterious".
    • In a similar manner, the Super Mario Cereal box will be referred to as a "delicious" amiibo.