Shiverian Racer

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Shiverian Racer
A Shiverian racer wearing red.
Species Shiverian
First appearance Super Mario Odyssey (2017)
“I'm the...champion?”
Shiverian Racer, Super Mario Odyssey

The Shiverian Racer (referred to as the Supersonic Snowman by the Shiverian Elder) is a character who appears in Super Mario Odyssey. He is a Shiverian who appears in the Snow Kingdom inside a waiting room. He tells Mario that he does not want to compete in the Bound Bowl Grand Prix race because he is nervous and believes he does not stand a chance against the other racers. Unlike most Shiverians, he does not wear a hat and is shown with a small blue spike on his head. Mario is able to capture the racer so he can compete in two races on Snowline Circuit: "Snowline Circuit Class A" and "Snowline Circuit Class S".

He appears again post-game after breaking the Snow Kingdom's Moon Rock. This time, he appears outside of the waiting room and must once again be captured to win two different races on Iceburn Circuit: "Iceburn Circuit Class A" and "Iceburn Circuit Class S". In these instances, the Shiverian Racer seems to have gained confidence.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ボウル人レーサー
Bouru jin Rēsā
Shiverian Racer

Chinese 博乌尔人赛跑手 (Simplified)
Bówū'ěr rén sàipǎo shǒu
博爾人跑手 (Traditional)
Bó'ěr rén pǎo shǒu

Shiverian Racer

Italian Ibernese atleta
Shiverian athlete
Russian Озябский скакун
Ozyabskiy skakun
Shiverian Racer

Spanish Atleta friolandés
Shiverian Athlete