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“The dress is considered the most luxurious garment that Lake Lamode has to offer and it's a national treasure. It's said that wearing this dress brings eternal happiness. Unfortunately, this special one-of-a-kind dress is not for sale.”
Brochure, Super Mario Odyssey
The Lochlady Dress

The Lochlady Dress is a strapless bouffant design wedding dress made by the Lochladies of the Lake Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey. It is a platinum white floor-length gown with panniers wider and larger than Peach's usual dress. The build also includes a veil and long opera gloves that Peach wears with her default appearance, but the color for the gloves are a little different as they are platinum white with enhanced textures. The outfit also comes with platinum white high heels, which are hidden by the dress itself.

During the events of the game, the dress is stolen by Bowser and the Broodals for Princess Peach to wear in her forced marriage to the Koopa king. After Mario defeats Bowser in the Moon Kingdom, the Lochlady Dress is returned to its display window on the second floor of Water Plaza. Throwing Cappy on top of the veil gives Mario a Power Moon. Additionally, one of Mario's costumes is based on the Lochlady Dress, which can be unlocked by scanning the Wedding Peach amiibo or by having 460 Power Moons and then buying it at a Crazy Cap store.

Starting from the Peach Tour, a variant of Peach in the Lochlady Dress, referred to as Peach (Wedding), appears as a playable driver in Mario Kart Tour.

Peach is seen wearing a dress similar to the Lochlady Dress during her forced wedding with Bowser near the end of The Super Mario Bros. Movie. Unlike in the game, Peach's wedding dress has a pink gradient, as opposed to being completely colored white, as well as the fact that Tiara is replaced with her normal crown forming the veil (as Tiara does not appear in the movie). This dress also serves as the basis for Peach's Ice form in the movie.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ウェディングドレス
Wedingu Doresu
Wedding Dress
Chinese (Simplified) 婚纱
Wedding Dress
Chinese (Traditional) 婚紗
Wedding Dress
Dutch Pareljurk Pearl Dress
French Robe de Nacre Nacred Dress
German Schnixenkleid Lochlady Dress
Italian Vestito da cerimonia Ceremony Dress
Russian Наядное платье
Nayadnoye platie
Pun with words "nayada" (mermaid) and "naryadnyi" (elegant); Mermaid Dress
Spanish Vestido de ensueño Dream Dress