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The couple from Brooklyn applauding Mario and Luigi's victory.
Species Humans
First appearance The Super Mario Bros. Movie (2023)
“SMBP left my house an absolute MESS! I would have given them only 1 star, but my sweet angel of a dog absolutely loved them. He just wouldn't leave them alone!”

BrKLnCouple, initially called BrKlyn Couple,[1] is the username of two unnamed customers of Super Mario Bros. Plumbing who appear in The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

Prior to the couple's movie appearance, the couple's testimonial is seen on the business's website, giving hints to the movie scene.[2]

The couple is the first client to call the Super Mario Bros. Plumbing service. The couple members are African-American and own a dog named Francis, who ends up getting mad at Luigi for accidentally stepping on and breaking his dog bone. After Mario and Luigi quickly repair the couple's sink, Francis attacks them in the bathroom, causing the pipes to be damaged and eventually ruining and flooding the bathroom. The couple members then enter the room in time to see Mario pulling Francis out of the toilet with a plunger, much to their shock and horror.

The two and their dog are later seen in the crowd of people cheering for Mario and Luigi, after the final battle with Bowser.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French CoupledeBrKLn[3]
Italian CoppiaBrKLn[4]
Portuguese (NOA) CasalBrKLn[7]
Spanish (NOA) Pareja de Bro0KLyn[5]
Bro0KLyn couple
Spanish (NOE) ParejitaUrbana[6]


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