Max Milliplatt

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Max Milliplatt as seen in the Club Nintendo comic

Max Milliplatt is a character that appears in the Club Nintendo comic "Super Mario: Coole Klänge". He is the boss of the record company Koopa Records and signs Mario on, despite the fact that Mario obviously is not a good singer. When he flops, Milliplatt tries to put Mario in a different outfit, without success. Milliplatt seems to be the stereotype of a big record company boss who does not care about the artist but just about earning money. He has a secretary called Mona and is angry with her when she does not manage to stop Mario from entering Milliplatt's office.


  • It is briefly mentioned that Max Milliplatt produced his greatest hits with Mario Paint.
  • Milliplatt's name might be a pun on "million" and "Platte" (German for "record").
  • In the reprint of "Coole Klänge" called "Super Mario: Die Blume meines Herzens", Milliplatt was not referred to by his name.