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“This is Joker. The mission is go.”
Joker, "Take Your Heart" trailer for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Persona Symbol.png
Super Smash Bros. character
Joker SSBU.png
Game appearances
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (downloadable)
Special moves
Standard:  Gun / Special Gun
Side:  Eiha / Eigaon
Up:  Grappling Hook / Wings of Rebellion
Down:  Rebel's Guard / Tetrakarn / Makarakarn
Final Smash:  All-Out Attack
Battle entrance
Joker lands on the stage and adjusts his right glove.

Joker (whose real name is given as Ren Amamiya in some media) is the protagonist of Persona 5, a PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 title from the Megami Tensei franchise's spin-off Persona series. In his game of origin, he is a Japanese high school student in his day life; however, he also has the power to access an alternate version of the world called the Metaverse. In said universe, Joker leads the Phantom Thieves, a group of teenagers who alter the psyche of corrupted souls to steal their hearts. Joker and his companions have the ability to summon Personas, which are manifestations of their respective psyches that possess special powers and are based on mythological figures.


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

SmashWiki article: Joker (SSBU)
Joker's splash screen introduction.

During The Game Awards 2018, it was revealed that Joker would be appearing as a paid downloadable playable character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.[1] He is the second DLC fighter (with Piranha Plant being the first), and the first one in the Fighters Pass, releasing as part of "Challenger Pack 1". Challenger Pack 1, including Joker, the Mementos stage, and music from the Persona series, was released on April 17, 2019 (PST).[2] Joker is classified as fighter #71.

Aside from being able to wall jump, Joker has a special mechanic known as the "Rebellion Gauge", which is a meter that slowly fills up either over time, when taking damage or when Joker is behind his opponents in score/stocks, and fills up faster when he is attacked when using his down special, Rebel's Guard (as well as halving the damage taken). When this meter fills completely, Joker will summon the Persona Arsene, who assists him in battle by attacking in tandem with him, increasing the power and range of his standard moves. Joker's special moves are also enhanced, and his down special changes to Tetrakarn and Makarakarn. If Joker gets KO'd, the gauge will reset.

The player can choose to play as six color variations of Joker's Phantom Thief outfit wearing his mask, as well as two versions of his Shujin Academy uniform wearing his glasses. His victory screen mimics the one from Persona 5, with the color of the screen changing to match the current colors of the stage Mementos if Joker were to win on that stage. If Joker wins the match with his Final Smash, the splash screen that appears at the end of the move will carry over to the victory screen. He is one of the lighter middleweight fighters, being heavier than the Ice Climbers, Lucario, Wolf, and Villager, but lighter than Ness, Lucas, Mii Brawler, and Inkling.

Joker shares his English voice actor, Xander Mobus, with the game's announcer, as well as Master Hand and Crazy Hand; and his Japanese voice actor, Jun Fukuyama, with Roy.

After Sonic the Hedgehog and Bayonetta, Joker is the third guest fighter to represent Sega, as Atlus, the developer of the Persona series, was acquired by Sega Sammy Holdings in 2013.

Joker appears as two DLC fighter spirits, depicting him in his Phantom Thief outfit and his Shujin Academy uniform, respectively. The former spirit is obtained by completing Classic Mode as Joker, while the latter can be purchased from the shop if Challenger Pack 1 has been downloaded. Being the leader of the group, Joker also appears in the artwork for the Phantom Thieves of Hearts spirit (which is also DLC), as well as in the associated spirit battle.

Classic Mode route[edit]

The route's title references Shadows, recurring enemies in the Persona series. The second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth rounds each feature an opponent from the previous round as an ally; this could be a reference to Shadows being able to join the player's party as Personas in Persona 5. Joker is the one of the two characters who face Master Hand and Crazy Hand as their final boss on the Ω form of a stage different from Final Destination, the other being Donkey Kong on New Donk City Hall.

Round Opponent(s) Rule Stage Song
1 Mr. Game & Watch ×6 Horde Battle Mementos Last Surprise
2 Kirby Team Battle
(Ally: Mr. Game & Watch)
Kalos Pokémon League Aria of the Soul
3 Samus, Dark Samus Team Battle
(Ally: Kirby)
Mementos Mass Destruction
4 Meta Knight Team Battle
(Ally: Dark Samus)
Mementos (Battlefield) Beneath the Mask
5 Link, Young Link, Toon Link Team Battle
(Ally: Meta Knight)
Mementos Reach Out To The Truth
6 Incineroar Team Battle
(Ally: Link)
Mementos (Ω) Rivers In the Desert
Final Master Hand, Crazy Hand (intensity 7.0 or higher) Our Beginning

Profiles and statistics[edit]

Palutena's Guidance[edit]

The following dialogue also applies to other DLC characters in the game aside from Piranha Plant. It was originally used for Mewtwo, Lucas, Roy, Ryu, Cloud, Corrin, and Bayonetta in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, who are downloadable fighters in that game.

  • Pit: Who is THAT?
  • Palutena: I have no data on this fighter. I can't believe it!
  • Viridi: It must be an intruder from another dimension!
  • Pit: Whoever it is, the goal remains the same: to fight and win!


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ジョーカー
Russian Джокер
Korean 조커


  • Joker is the second Super Smash Bros. fighter to not have his debut game on a Nintendo console at the time of their inclusion, with the first being Cloud Strife.
    • With Final Fantasy VII released on the Nintendo Switch in March 2019, Joker is the only confirmed Super Smash Bros. fighter to not have their debut game released or confirmed to release on a Nintendo system.
  • Joker is the third Super Smash Bros. fighter to come from a predominantly M-rated series, after Solid Snake and Bayonetta.
    • All three also share the trait of using a code name as opposed to their real name.
  • When Arsene is present in battle, Joker's render in-game and in the HUD will have his mask (or glasses in his alternate costume) removed.


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